Oracle Enhances Healthcare Inventory Management with Mobile Capabilities

Oracle is introducing new mobile capabilities to Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management, aiming to assist healthcare organizations in enhancing inventory management and supporting improved patient outcomes. The additions to Oracle's supply chain and manufacturing cloud solution will enable healthcare providers to reduce inventory errors, improve restocking efficiency, and gain better visibility to predict demand and optimize stock availability.

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The new capabilities cater to various core inventory transactions within healthcare organizations, including receiving, putaway, picking, cycle counting, material transfers, and issuing of materials across different stocking locations within hospitals. The mobile capabilities include a PAR Management Workbench, facilitating inventory level visibility, demand prediction, and proactive replenishment management. Additionally, a mobile PAR app enables efficient PAR management from any location, with an offline mode for improved tracking in areas with poor connectivity. The Last-Mile Logistics App focuses on logistics management, materials delivery, and restocking efficiency, with features like proof of delivery recording and an offline mode for optimized internal logistics in areas with connectivity challenges.

Further, Chris Leone, Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, highlighted the pressure on healthcare organizations to maintain high standards of care while managing costs. The new inventory management capabilities are designed to help healthcare providers improve efficiency, accuracy, and visibility in inventory management processes, ultimately reducing costs and ensuring the right stock is available when needed.

These enhancements are part of Oracle's ongoing efforts to provide healthcare-specific supply chain capabilities. In the last year, Oracle has added capabilities in logistics, product lifecycle management, planning, procurement, and recall management, addressing various aspects of healthcare supply chain needs. Oracle Cloud SCM aims to help organizations optimize planning, automate processes, and enhance visibility across the supply chain, offering a comprehensive suite of enterprise applications on a single integrated cloud platform.

With Oracle's self-updating platform, customers have access to continuous innovation, with new features added every 90 days. The latest additions, focusing on mobile capabilities for inventory management, are poised to contribute to Oracle's broader strategy of empowering healthcare organizations with advanced solutions for their supply chain and operational needs.