Oracle Focuses On Industry-Specific Cloud Solutions

Oracle, one of the most essential cloud applications companies, has announced it is now offering cloud-based customer experience (CX) management solutions for the communications industry. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications offers industry-specific applications that capture and analyze customer-interaction data from front and back-office operations, which can help service providers better understand the unique buying behaviors and preferences of their customers.

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According to Oracle, by providing a comprehensive view into what customers have bought, what they are currently using, and the context of their service and digital assistant interactions, Digital Experience for Communications helps service providers propose offers that are more relevant to that customer and therefore more likely to be adopted.

Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Experience for Communications enables service providers to quickly and securely adjust strategies at scale with new applications. These include: Launch, which gives service providers a customer dashboard and simple business user tools to quickly create and launch more relevant products and promotions without IT assistance; Care, which offers natural language processing and digital engagement tools as a smart agent desktop and guided workflows; and Buying, which delivers data-driven recommendations so service providers can provide more personalized omnichannel commerce experiences.

Larry Ellison, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle, spoke about the launch of the company’s new communications suite at the Oracle Cloud CX virtual event. “We have a lot of [on-premises] industry-specific products and a lot of industry-specific knowledge,” Ellison said. “Our industry applications are very unusual—nobody else has this kind of industry-specific applications to go with their horizontal applications.”

The software platform, which integrates sales and marketing is all encompassing. It is set to change the way companies generate proposals, while automating the flow from an advertising campaign through marketing and selling. It is a stark contrast from traditional CRM systems, which rely on manual efforts to populate opportunities.

Oracle’s entrance into the industry-specific market rivals SAP’s broad range of on-premises industry-specific solutions. Some experts are even suggesting that Oracle’s offerings will set off a chain of reactions, innovation, and product launches for every company in the market, including AWS, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, and Workday.