Oracle For Research Reveals New Cloud Data Service And Awards To Promote Innovation

Oracle for Research, Oracle's global community program that uses cloud computing to accelerate scientific discovery, has announced new resources that enable researchers, scientists, and developers to solve the world's most complex problems. Oracle Open Data is a new cloud service that curates information like spatial images, protein sequences, and annotated text files from the world’s leading scientific databases. It connects researchers, developers, students, and educators to extremely high volumes of open data from trusted sources. Oracle for Research also announced two new award programs that empower global projects aimed at solving the world’s most complex problems through cloud computing and an open research community approach.

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Oracle for Research hopes that through its cloud-focused programs, products, and services, it can help accelerate discovery and results, inspiring change through an integrated community of researchers working collaboratively with Oracle and Oracle Cloud. The Open Data service boasts a number of advantages in size, scope, and data availability, and is being offered in an initial limited-availability release.

The newly announced Oracle for Research awards include the Cloud Starter Award, which bestows a $1,000 credit towards a variety of cloud storage, database, and service offerings to applying companies with cloud-based projects and needs. The other, the Oracle for Research Project Award, goes to qualified researchers with well-defined projects making them eligible to receive additional cloud credit benefits, hands-on consultations, and more.