Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Revolutionizes HR Productivity with Generative AI

Oracle has once again pushed the boundaries of Human Capital Management (HCM) with its latest innovation: the integration of generative AI-powered capabilities into Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. Leveraging the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) generative AI service, these new features are set to drive significant business value, enhance HR processes, and ultimately revolutionize the candidate and employee experience.

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Chris Leone, the Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle Cloud HCM, emphasized the transformative power of generative AI. By summarizing, authoring, and recommending information, this cutting-edge technology simplifies HR tasks, drastically reducing task completion time and improving the overall employee experience and workforce insights. The result is a considerable increase in overall business value.

One of the key advantages of Oracle's embedded generative AI capabilities is the use of OCI and its renowned AI services. This ensures not only the highest level of security and performance but also enhances the overall business value delivered to users.

Moreover, Oracle has taken a customer-centric approach, granting users control over their generative AI data to protect sensitive and private information. By allowing organizations to refine generative AI models with their own data, Oracle empowers its customers to harness the full potential of this groundbreaking technology while maintaining data privacy and security.

The new generative AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM encompass a range of functionalities that streamline processes and automate content generation. Assisted Authoring, for instance, empowers employees, supervisors, and HR leaders to create content efficiently. With just a short prompt, such as a job requisition title or performance goal, generative AI can swiftly generate material for users to evaluate, amend, and approve. 

In addition, Oracle Cloud HCM's generative AI-powered suggestions employ natural language processing and best practices to guide users towards better and faster results. Whether it's recommending survey questions based on survey type or suggesting development ideas for managers to provide employees, these suggestions boost user success, speed, and accuracy. The AI models can be trained to match the organization's language and culture, tailoring the recommendations to specific contexts.

Another compelling capability is the AI-driven Summary feature, which simplifies content consumption and boosts efficiency. For example, it can automatically submit a summary of an employee's performance during their regular review cycle based on feedback from peers, management, and the employee themselves.

Looking ahead, Oracle is committed to continuous innovation and improvement. By collaborating closely with customers, who are instrumental in driving 80% of product updates, Oracle aims to embed new use cases that further enhance HR processes and productivity.

With over 100 high-value-added HR generative AI scenarios identified and more to come, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is at the forefront of transforming HR productivity. By unlocking the full potential of generative AI, organizations can usher in a new era of productivity, creativity, and business success.