Oracle Unveils Exadata X9M With Faster OLTP And More Profitable Performance

Oracle has launched the latest edition of Exadata, the computing platform responsible and optimized for running Oracle Databases and workloads. The new Oracle X9M platforms are significantly faster and more cost-effective than previous versions, delivering the fastest online transaction processing available. X9M includes versions for on-premises, public, and Oracle hybrid cloud; versatility and OLTP speed set the platform apart from the competition, according to Oracle. The company’s technological synergy has driven its success, leading to 87% of the Global Fortune 100 and many more small enterprises relying on Oracle Exadata to run their business-critical workloads.

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Exadata X9M platforms boast improved OLTP performance up a whopping 70% over the previous iteration, with higher IOPs rates and IO latencies of under 19 microseconds. They also promise an up to 87% increase in analytic SQL throughput and machine learning workloads. X9M also includes higher memory, storage capacity, and additional cores, all without increasing its price. According to the company, by delivering higher performance at the same cost, customers could reduce their budgets for running transactional workloads by up to 42% and analytics workloads by up to 47%.