Oracle Wants to Be the Netflix of AI by Offering an Array of Products Through Its Cloud Infrastructure

Since it launched video streaming in 2007, Netflix has become the most popular service in the ecosystem, primarily by bringing in finished products that add value. Computing giant Oracle hopes to become the Netflix of artificial intelligence technology by bringing the best AI software and hardware products to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and providing fulfillment services. Customers would get Oracle security and identity protection and whatever products they need under a single bill, much like how the streaming service provides access to an array of content on a single platform.

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In recent years, Oracle has developed a full suite of machine learning and AI-based services designed to provide business-centric AI products, covering everything from applying natural language processing to understanding customer support tickets and more. It has paired with Nvidia Corp to add its GPU processors to the Oracle AI infrastructure to enhance its capabilities as well. And with the rise in popularity of AI-based chatbots, the big tech player hopes to create targeted solutions for tackling specific issues, according to Elad Ziklik, vice president of AI and data science services at Oracle Corp.

As ChatGPT has proven the demand for AI chatbots that can provide faster answers than human call centers, Oracle hopes to create more refined versions of the technology with a focus on the healthcare industry.