Oracle’s Larry Ellison Claims OCI Beats AWS In Price And Performance — And That It’s Luring Major Clients Away

The growing price tag for Amazon Web Services may be causing it to lose some of its biggest clients to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), according to Oracle founder and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison. The brash tech guru took time out of Oracle’s fiscal 2023 Q1 earnings call to tease an upcoming brand mutiny from AWS that promises to “shock” doubters, insinuating that it has poached some big names. Although his company has responded to customer demands for multicloud environments with products such as Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure and MySQL HeatWave on AWS, Ellison still touts OCI’s prowess.

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Ellison, who is known for publicly comparing Oracle’s products to competing offerings, claims that OCI beats AWS and other rivals, including Snowflake, both in price and performance. The same goes for Amazon Redshift (and other competing products) which he deems inferior to MySQL HeatWave. Despite the purported advantages, the CTO recognizes the value that the multicloud market brings to Oracle. He also expects his company’s total cloud business to exceed a $20 billion annual run rate in 2023.