Oracle’s Unique Approach to Dominating the Private 5G Market

In the rapidly evolving landscape of 5G networks, Oracle is taking a distinctive approach to seizing a significant portion of the private 5G network market. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all private network solution, Oracle is concentrating on understanding specific use cases and aligning its services with the broader business objectives of its enterprise customers.

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Andrew De La Torre, Oracle's Group VP of Technology, emphasizes that Oracle does not view the private network as an end in itself, unlike some other players in the industry. Instead, they see the network as a means to an end, a crucial enabler for achieving broader industrial automation and business goals.

This perspective has led Oracle to focus on developing a control layer that oversees 5G standalone installations and is capable of supporting network slicing and powering private 5G networks that may include equipment from various vendors. De La Torre explains that Oracle's primary focus is on enterprise applications and their specific needs.

Oracle has kicked off this strategy by introducing two industry platforms: one tailored for local government first responders and another for the food and beverage sector. Both platforms are built upon Oracle's 5G core offering's common communications platform, which is akin to an IoT platform. This common fabric simplifies connectivity and IoT consumption, empowering vertical industry specialists to create solutions seamlessly.

De La Torre's top-down strategy is what he believes sets Oracle apart in the market. Rather than solely concentrating on building private networks, Oracle aims to stimulate demand by providing solutions that directly address enterprise needs. This approach aligns with recent trends observed in the market.

Market research firm ABI Research reports that over a thousand private cellular networks have been deployed globally. However, they note that new private network deployments have slowed down, indicating a shift towards market rationalization. Enterprises are recognizing the value of private cellular connectivity as a competitive advantage and are becoming more discreet about their deployments.

In light of this, Oracle's strategy to focus on fulfilling enterprise needs and delivering on its promises stands out as a prudent approach. The emphasis on solving real-world business challenges through private 5G networks positions Oracle as a strategic partner for enterprises looking to harness the potential of 5G technology.

As the 5G landscape continues to evolve, Oracle's approach of prioritizing business objectives over network technologies demonstrates a commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations of its enterprise customers. In an era where technology must deliver tangible results, Oracle's strategy seems poised to make a lasting impact on the private 5G network market.