Phreesia’s Kristin Roberts: A Top Woman Leader With A Clear Vision And High Expectations

Those who work with Kristin Roberts quickly learn that there’s a singular idea behind her leadership strategy – trust.

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“My high-level philosophy as a leader is to give people ownership over their projects and day-to-day responsibilities, and then get out of the way,” said Roberts. “I set high expectations and provide my team with opportunities to stretch themselves.”

Roberts said it was this same approach that was used by her previous managers. She believes that the freedom and trust placed in her to do her job – and to do it well – has helped her continually grow in her career. She wants the same success for her team members.

“Earlier in my career, I was given opportunities to lead projects that I didn’t think I was ready for, but my managers gave me the freedom to take risks,” Roberts said. “I’ve used that same approach for my team, and I’ve seen great performances from them as a result.”

Currently, Roberts is the Vice President of Market Development at Phreesia, a SaaS-based healthcare technology company that specializes in patient intake management solutions for medical practices, health systems and hospitals. With a career rooted in healthcare, Roberts has always been motivated by Phreesia’s mission to create a better, more engaging healthcare experience.

“Healthcare has historically been so far behind other industries in using technology,” said Roberts. “As a result, patients often have poor experiences with their doctor due to uncoordinated care and long wait times. The opportunity to work with a lot of smart people at Phreesia who not only challenge me, but also care about improving patients’ experiences, drives me to do my best in helping to find a solution.”

Roberts joined Phreesia in 2011 as a product management intern prior to accepting a position as a healthcare consultant for Booz & Company. Three years later, Roberts rejoined Phreesia and has risen through the company, holding a variety of leadership roles in business development and product marketing.

In her current position, Roberts oversees a team responsible for building out new business for Phreesia’s appointment-scheduling and physician-referrals applications. These applications are designed to help medical practices reduce the burden on their scheduling staff and call centers and streamline referral workflows.

“Building any kind of new business presents a lot of ups and downs – it’s hard!” said Roberts. “I’m really fortunate to have amazing leadership support and resources available to me at Phreesia. Plus, I have a great team that really collaborates well as we strategize and work toward our goals.”

When asked about advice to young women working in technology, Roberts stresses the importance of figuring out career goals early on. As a wife and mother of four kids, she says she is also committed to striking the right work-life balance, even as her family has grown over the years, most recently with the birth of twin sons in 2019.

She believes her determination and commitment early in her career to not sacrifice either her personal or professional ambitions was crucial in helping her make the most of her opportunities. And Roberts says she hopes the next generation of women will figure out what path is right for them.

“Write your own story,” said Roberts. “Figure out what you want to be known for and what makes you happy. Once you’re able to figure that out, it can help you make tough decisions, advocate for yourself and take advantage of the right career opportunities.”