Post-Trade-Embargo, Huawei Technologies Develops In-House ERP To Cut the Cord from Oracle’s Legacy System

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies is trying to reduce its dependence on its American counterpart, Oracle Corp, by developing its own enterprise IT management software and other products. Huawei, a global manufacturer of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, hopes to stave off continued repercussions of the U.S. sanctions levied against the company in 2019 by President Trump. The company has now replaced Oracle’s legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with MetaERP, which it has devoted three years to developing.

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The 2019 embargo against Huawei has limited what American companies can export to the company, putting its longtime collaboration with Oracle on ice. In the wake of the restrictions, the Austin-based software company ceased providing software upgrades and on-site technical services to its former partner. MetaERP is a significant step toward Huawei’s ultimate goal of self-sufficiency; the company has also made major progress in developing its own semiconductor chips, as well. Local partners, including cybersecurity firm Qi An Xin Technology Group Inc and software developer Kingdee International Software Group, have helped develop the in-house solutions.

Huawei has reportedly experienced a nearly 70% dive in annual profit, losing approximately $5 billion as a result of the trade embargo, increased commodity prices, and remaining pandemic restrictions.