Radware Lands Contract To Protect SaaS Company From DDoS Attacks

Software as a Service companies aren’t immune to hackers and if their platform suffers from a denial of service attack it could mean the end to the operation, particularly if it's smaller and doesn't have the budget to spend millions of dollars to recover.

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A least one unnamed SaaS company realizes the threat and as a result hired Radware, a provider of cybersecurity and application delivery services, to provide DDoS protection services. Only saying it is a Tier 1 SaaS organization, Mahwah, New Jersey-based Radware said the contract is a multi-million-dollar deal and that the SaaS company was looking for a solution that provides low false positives and real-time detection and mitigation for complex attacks. The company also required as low latency as possible for more than a dozen points of presence and to work with a cybersecurity firm that has a proven history of handling large-scale deployment on a global stage.

SaaS Company Wanted Global Experience In Its Security Provider

The unnamed SaaS company launched a competitive review and chose Radware DDoS Protection Services because of its Hybrid Defense Massaging, which moves critical information from on-premises devices to Radware’s Emergency Response Team. That, said Radware, enables almost near instantaneous detection and switchover if a complex attack ensues.  “The global footprint and business demands of this SaaS provider required a trusted partner with a proven track record in keeping them protected. Selecting Radware for their on-premises and cloud protection gave this company the ability to solve many problems with one solution, a trend we are seeing more and more," said Roy Zisapel, President and CEO of Radware in a press release announcing the deal. 

SaaS Companies Don’t Want To Become The Next Code Spaces

While the SaaS industry is the more secure when considering services being offered in the cloud they aren't immune from hackers and are still a big target of the bad guys. Because their reputation is everything, they know one bad attack could spell their demise. One only needs to look at what happened to Code Spaces. Back in June of 2014 the UK-based code hosting service was forced to shutter its doors after a hacker deleted most of its customers’ data and backups. It’s offense: refusing to pay ransomware. SaaS companies don’t want to become the next Code Spaces and as result are tapping security firms like Radware to help. “Providers of SaaS services are increasingly under attack as high-profile targets,” said David Anderson, Vice President of Sales for Radware North America in the same press release. “The services they deliver are required 24x7 with zero interruption. A hybrid security service provides instant protection from DDoS attacks at the network edge while providing the capability to offload large volumetric attacks to the cloud for processing at Radware’s global data centers.”