RiskIQ Announces New Security Features To Accelerate Digital Transformation At Splunk

San Francisco cybersecurity firm RiskIQ has announced a slew of new add-ons for the data-to-everything platform, Splunk. The new apps will support security teams in accelerating their digital transformation initiatives as new threats are introduced to the enterprise.

The new offerings will notably help Splunk and its Security Operations teams by giving it access to RiskIQ's Internet Intelligence Graph, which focuses on exposed points across the internet's infrastructure. Combined with Splunk's distinguished search, monitoring, and analysis powers, the add-ons will offer best-in-class attack surface management and risk reporting.

The three-pronged process consists of RiskIQ Digital Footprint for Splunk, RiskIQ PassiveTotal for Splunk, and RiskIQ Security Intelligence Services for Splunk. It will first work by automatically updating Splunk with a company's asset inventory, building a dashboard and reports, and enabling proactive attack surface management while identifying vulnerabilities. The PassiveTotal app will operate RiskIQ's Internet Intelligence Graph on top of Splunk data to help security teams. The Security Intelligence Services add-on are set to detect, surface, or investigate suspicious activity and automate threat detection, incident response, and threat investigation programs.

"Integrating two of the market's leading threat analysis solutions is game-changing as security teams face an influx of new threats to their organizations' rapidly-evolving digital presence," Brandon Dixon, RiskIQ VP of Strategy said in a statement. "RiskIQ's Internet Intelligence Graph continuously maps the internet, and our Apps for Splunk give an enterprise an enhanced view of their attack surface and the context they need to respond and remediate security incidents quickly."

Founded in 2009, RiskIQ has spent the last decade looking for vulnerabilities that have allowed hackers to infiltrate channels. Today, it maintains a database of threats that give the company an edge on identifying risks within its clients' networks. RiskIQ offers automated services that scan third-party code, internet-connected devices, and mobile applications for potential weaknesses.

This news comes off the back of RiskIQ announcing the addition of National Grid Partners as a strategic investor in June. More than 6,000 companies use RiskIQ's suite of cybersecurity offerings. An impressive portfolio has attracted major investors, including Summit Partners, Battery Ventures, Georgian Partners, and MassMutual Ventures. The company has raised over $80.5 million in funding over four rounds, including its most recent Series D round in June, which brought in $15 million.