Sales Veteran Katy Mann Tapped As Splunk’s Area Vice President Of Federal Civilian Agencies

Splunk has announced that Katy Mann, who has been an executive with the company for over six years, has been appointed Area Vice President of Federal Civilian Agencies.

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Mann was most recently the Director of National Security Programs at the San Francisco-based Data-to-Everything Platform. In this role, she managed the performance of its operational intelligence offerings to defense and intelligence customers. She led a team of talented and diverse sales professionals for just over a year. Mann joined Splunk in 2014 as an Account Executive.

With over 25 years of sales experience at startups and Fortune 500 companies, Mann has a proven track record of leading successful sales teams. She has experience in transforming sales strategies, capturing program business, and negotiating complex sales agreements.

Prior to joining Splunk, she was an Account Executive at Fusion-io, focusing on the high-tech solution sales of the company's disruptive technology. Previously, Mann spearheaded Cyber Security Sales at NeuStar, where she launched sales of a cloud-based threat intelligence solution that mitigates the effects of data breaches on both federal and commercial accounts. Before this, she oversaw Federal Sales at Composite Software, Federal Sales at NetApp, Maryland Named Accounts at Cisco Systems, and began her career at SGI as a Sales Representative in 1998.

“[I’m] proud to be a motivational sales leader with the ability to create a strong team culture, identify talent and gaps, and strategically build a powerful and diverse sales organization,” Mann writes on LinkedIn.

Founded in 2004, Splunk has garnered a reputation as a disruptive and high-growth global technology firm where change is constant as its solutions continue to evolve to meet its customer’s needs and expectations. Splunk technology is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act on data at any scale.

Splunk has continued the rapid expansion of its cloud software business in 2020, which was propelled by enterprise digital transformations during the global pandemic. In the first six months, Splunk's stock jumped by 32.7%, due to the company's new partnership with Alphabet, the holding company of Google, Inc., and several Google-related initiatives. Splunk expects its annual recurring revenue to expand in the mid-40% range this year, and forecasts operating cash flow in line with the $288 million cash burn it posted last year.