Salesforce Announces Sales Cloud Innovations To Enable Faster Revenue Growth

Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software provider, has announced new Sales Cloud features designed to provide customers with AI-powered insights and self-service options. With its Dreamforce conference approaching, the company is instituting the new capabilities after improving Slack integration with Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform, as well as expanding its partnership with Amazon to launch integrations and no-code applications. These innovations will equip sales leaders with new insights, help close and accelerate deals via data-driven coaching, manage subscription journeys, and boost revenue with Einstein and Tableau’s tools to analyze an organization’s overall health.

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The new Sales Cloud features—Revenue Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud—are meant to empower sales teams to accelerate growth through AI-powered insights, integrated sales enablement resources, and self-service options that put power in customers’ hands. Revenue Intelligence combines Sales Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau capabilities into a unified revenue management command center to promote a data-first sales strategy, meet targets, and close deals confidently. Sales Enablement provides smooth onboarding, training, and development experiences for sales teams while attracting and retaining strong talent. Lastly, Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud helps users deliver a unified customer experience built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, enhancing subscription management capabilities.