Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Owes His Success To Persistence — And Cold-Calling Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki

For more than two decades, Marc Benioff has been a fixture of the tech world, but he owes some of his success to the youthful persistence that got him an internship at Apple — as well as a relationship with Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki. In 1984, while Benioff was attending the University of Southern California (USC), he boldly cold-called Kawasaki several times, and the executive engaged in conversations with the student. After some over-the-phone advising, Kawasaki rewarded Benioff’s audacity with a summer internship at the budding computer company. The experience was recounted by the two on “Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People Podcast” in January of 2022.

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During that summer, the collegiate programmer wrote 70 coding language programs for Kawasaki and Apple. Working for the company provided Benioff with both hands-on programming experience and an example for running a successful tech venture.

One lesson Benioff took away from the experience is the importance of good workplace culture; in 2021, Salesforce was listed second on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, for the 13th year in a row. As for Kawasaki, he knew Benioff’s drive would lead to success, and with a $200-billion-company under his belt, it’s safe to say the hunch was correct.