Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Says Productivity Is Down for New Employees Hired to Its Pandemic-Prompted Remote Workplace

Salesforce’s newer employees are less productive than previous generations, possibly due to a diminishing in-office culture in the new remote and hybrid work ecosystem, according to CEO Marc Benioff. He questions whether the company is “building tribal knowledge” with new hires who have become accustomed to the convenience of working remotely. In an address to his employees, the CEO indicated he was simply curious and in search of feedback about this apparent decline in productivity.

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Benioff is not alone in his doubt about the efficacy of hybrid or remote working arrangements. Many in Silicon Valley are questioning it, and some have begun to revert to pre-pandemic in-office mandates. Suspicious employers have cited the lack of in-office company culture as one of the primary drivers of lackluster performance.

Salesforce — the largest employer in San Francisco — was originally one of the most supportive companies when it came to allowing employees to remain working remotely indefinitely.

2022 has presented Benioff’s company with several stumbling blocks. First, it faced slowing revenue growth amid economic uncertainty. Then, it lost two significant executives: co-CEO Bret Taylor and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield both stepped down from their positions in the waning months of the year.