Salesforce Expands Virtual Selling Capabilities With Einstein Conversation Insights

Salesforce has announced numerous updates to its Sales Cloud, including Salesforce Meetings, a smart overlay for Zoom meetings that gives information and advice to the sales team as they interact with potential customers in online meetings.

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According to a new Salesforce study, 61% of salespeople believe their roles have changed permanently since the COVID-19 pandemic began, while 51% of salespeople said they expect to travel less for work after the pandemic than they did before.

To address this, the company’s new tool, Einstein Conversation Insights, is set to help users out in a new increasingly remote world. The tool can help give people advice to slow down the pace of their speech, as well as other information about their speaking, compile action items and present a to-do list to participants at the end of each meeting to summarize its purpose and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Einstein Conversation Insights is also a feature for developers to build their own solutions. Though, if salespeople find the tool a little too invasive, they’re able to increase or decrease the level of the information based on their needs.

“Salesforce created the playbook for sales 22 years ago, and today we’re rewriting it for an all-digital world,” Sales Cloud Chief Revenue Officer Warren Wick said in a press release. “Over the past year, we held more than 6 million calls with customers to understand what they needed to be successful as they worked to transform their business with more urgency than ever before. We’ve reimagined Sales Cloud to guide every company as they rethink the digital sales experience, from leads to coaching to processing revenue.”

Other capabilities added to Salesforce Cloud include the ability to employ the Einstein Conversation Insights engine to analyze video call transcripts using machine learning algorithms. These algorithms identify trending keywords, such as product names, or types of interactions, such as competitor mentions. There’s also now a sales pipeline inspection tool that uses AI to narrow focus on the deals that matter most as pipeline changes are tracked week by week.

The biggest challenge organizations may face is providing sales managers with the tools they require to remotely manage a sales team. The AI tools in Salesforce Cloud make it easier for those managers to identify what specific issues members of their sales team are struggling with as they engage potential customers.