Salesforce Launches NFT Cloud Despite Employee Objections

After a bout of controversy, Salesforce is launching its new NFT Cloud platform, where users can mint and sell non-fungible tokens. The company claims to be answering customer curiosity, especially from digital and marketing executives. Salesforce also hopes the product will make the NFT market more accessible for clients still unfamiliar with digital assets and other Web3 technologies. According to Salesforce, many companies are using the NFT Cloud to increase engagement and grow communities around the technology.

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Salesforce has seen interest in the NFT Cloud from verticals including retail, media, fashion, and consumer goods, among others. Companies are looking for unique ways to use NFTs to add value for their customers, such as with exclusive deals or rewards—or for video gamers, exclusive features and functions.

But while the company explores ways to use blockchain technology, its staff is not all on board. In early 2022, a group of at least 400 Salesforce employees signed an open letter objecting to joining the NFT market, citing market instability and the negative environmental effect of cryptocurrencies.