Salesforce Releases Genie, a Platform to Bring Data Together for Instant Access and Action

In an effort to solve one of the biggest problems facing customers who use its customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce has rolled out a new product called Genie. It’s all about bringing data together from various sources, both internal and external, and making it easier to act upon it quickly. Genie is the company’s first foray into the customer data platform (CDP) space, and it’s already been called “groundbreaking” by executives.

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Genie works by creating a repository, colloquially called a “lake,” that allows an organization to pull information from anywhere, including Slack, Service Cloud, an outside enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, or even a point-of-sale system. The data is tagged in such a way as to leverage AI and workflows that can be accessed instantly. The real-time operation allows a CRM to adapt to new data as it comes in, and provides easy sharing access across teams.

For now, Salesforce is gearing Genie for larger organizations, such as banks, healthcare systems, large manufacturers, and big e-commerce platforms. It will likely require substantial time and expertise to manage and upgrade, which could warrant a Salesforce administrator, so it could be some time before Genie is compacted for smaller enterprises.