SandboxAQ CEO Jack Hidary Leads Alphabet Spin-Off Into Post-Quantum Era

In 2016, tech entrepreneur Jack Hidary founded a quantum technology group at Google parent Alphabet; in March 2022, it was spun out as SandboxAQ, and he’s the company’s first chief executive officer. The enterprise SaaS company focuses on the intersection of AI and quantum technology, or AQ for short, in hopes of tackling challenges in business and computer science. Its growing product portfolio includes software for assessing and managing data security and cryptography in the “post-quantum era,” and Hidary is excited about what comes next.

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Less than a year after its spin-out, SandboxAQ is already attracting attention across the fields of science, technology, and commerce. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released its first official post-quantum algorithms, and Hidary’s company is one of a dozen companies that have been chosen to participate in its Migration to Post Quantum Cryptography — a project to build and commercialize quantum tools.

Also, the company’s Strategic Investment Program, which acquires or invests in technology companies, has already added an encryption-analysis software company, Cryptosense, and invested in two more. Hidary hopes these investments can help enhance AQ Analyzer, the company’s core product, and provide it with the leverage to develop a portfolio of cryptography assessment, deployment, and management products.