SAP Appoints Walter Sun as Worldwide Head of AI

In a groundbreaking move, SAP SE has named Walter Sun as its worldwide head of AI, marking a significant shift in the tech landscape. Sun, an industry veteran with an illustrious 18-year tenure at Microsoft, is set to lead SAP's ambitious AI endeavors, aligning the company's vision with the forefront of technological innovation.

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During the Sapphire 2023 keynote address, SAP's CEO, Christian Klein, unveiled the company's strategic focus on AI, cementing its commitment to embedding generative AI across a wide array of products. This bold step forward follows SAP's collaborative efforts with both Microsoft and Google Cloud to infuse generative AI capabilities into their offerings.

Sun's appointment comes as no surprise, given his distinguished career at Microsoft, where he spearheaded the Copilot Applied Artificial Intelligence division for business applications. His track record in driving technological innovation and strategic business leadership has positioned him as a linchpin in the development of dependable and responsible AI solutions for companies worldwide.

Sun's influence extends back to 2005, when he held pivotal roles in research and product development at Microsoft. Notably, he was instrumental in the creation of Bing Predicts, a pioneering platform utilizing anonymized and aggregated data for predictive analytics. This innovation enabled the integration of AI features across Bing Search, Windows, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform.

Expressing his enthusiasm for joining SAP, Sun emphasized the pivotal role AI plays in modern business operations. He believes that SAP, as the pioneer of enterprise software, is poised to redefine how organizations operate on a global scale. Sun has a strong belief in the ability of generative AI to revolutionize various industries.

Sun's journey began with a PhD in statistical signal and image processing and computer vision from MIT. He subsequently honed his expertise at renowned institutions such as BlackRock Financial Management and Apple Inc., culminating in a diverse portfolio encompassing stochastic processes, signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning.

Thomas Saueressig, a SAP SE product engineering executive board member, expressed his excitement about Sun's appointment, hailing him as a trailblazer in enterprise AI. Saueressig emphasized Sun's exceptional ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to address critical business challenges, highlighting his pivotal role in propelling SAP's Business AI leadership forward.

With Sun at the helm of SAP's AI initiatives, the company is poised to usher in a new era of innovation, offering clients groundbreaking solutions to tackle their most pressing problems. As the realms of enterprise software and AI continue to converge, Sun's leadership promises to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business operations worldwide.