SAP Introduces New Low-Code And No-Code Tools For Business Technology Platform

SAP, a German multinational software corporation, has launched a new low-code/no-code development toolset for the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) geared toward making application development easier for both professionals and novices alike. This is just one of the initiatives presented at the SAP TechEd 2021 virtual conference for developers and IT professionals, which took place in mid-November. Also announced were a new design language and more integration options for SAP HANA Cloud, as well as embedded AI capabilities for developers and extensibility options for ERP application solutions.

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The announcement indicated the increased importance of the BTP as part of the company’s technology portfolio and its go-to-market efforts with its partners. SAP hopes to ensure its partners are adding value for customers throughout their lifecycles, including during the development of intellectual property. The new unified low-code/no-code toolset, SAP AppGyver, is already generally available as part of the BTP, including features like a drag-and-drop interface, an extensive component library, and unlimited logic functions. It can be used to create new web and mobile applications, enhance or extend existing software, and automate complex development tasks. The company is also building some of the capabilities into the Business Application Studio (BAS), SAP’s development environment for professionals.