SAP Joins Other Software Companies Pulling Business From Russia

German software giant SAP is taking steps to withdraw its operations from Russia, joining a growing coalition of companies leaving in protest of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. But users may still be able to run SAP software for years to come without its support, the company says. Other corporations, including Oracle, Cisco, and IBM, have suspended operations in Russia, while some, such as Accenture, Infosys, and Salesforce, are considering cutting ties to the country altogether.

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SAP, maker of popular business management software solutions, is shutting down cloud services and restricting any updates, but the effect may not be felt immediately, the company says. Also, it has given non-sanctioned companies the choice to have their data deleted, sent to them, or moved to a data server outside of Russia. The company plans to focus on managing the impact of its exit on more than 1,200 employees in the country.