SAP Launches Responsible Design And Production Platform To Support Circularity

Multinational software company SAP has announced the release of SAP Responsible Design and Production, a solution for designing products sustainably and transitioning to a circular economy. This is the latest offering in a growing portfolio of sustainability-specific software applications that help businesses increase their measurement and data management capabilities. With this new offering, businesses can embed circularity principles into core business processes, helping eliminate waste and unlock new value by designing products to be sustainable from inception. It visualizes material flows with processes like tracking and compliance with ever-evolving regulations, especially for product packaging and plastics.

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As sustainable business regulations are being established across industries, SAP Responsible Design and Production enables brands to truly accelerate their transition to circular-economy business practices. SAP is not alone in developing innovative sustainability programs. Big tech companies Microsoft and Google have both recently announced similar platforms aimed at enabling customers with tools to track sustainability practices and carbon footprints. SAP’s cloud-native solution was co-developed with Accenture on the SAP Business Technology Platform. The platform has already been piloted by leading global brands and is now available to the general public. It is the first product generated from SAP’s Plastic Cloud project.