SAP Still Growing Rapidly in India, Powered by Digital Transformation and Sustainability Ambitions

Although India is already the biggest Asian market for the German multinational software corporation SAP, it also represents one of its fastest-growing markets, according to Kulmeet Bawa, SAP’s president and managing director for the Indian subcontinent. He attributes the rapid growth to the company’s progress as a cloud company and its ability to respond to customer needs. Indian companies are encountering challenges and opportunities in adopting cloud, digital, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and require the right tech to promote sustainability. With more than 50 years of deep industry experience, SAP is built to tackle these problems.

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In India, SAP typically serves small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and mid-market enterprises, but its products are also used by 40 of the country’s 100 unicorn companies, and Bawa has seen growth across the board. As these organizations pursue digital transformation, SAP has the tools to facilitate and optimize cloud migrations and the adoption of other tech and AI solutions. This also enables the company to compete with Salesforce in the CRM space in India.

Bawa sees sustainability as one of the core focuses for organizations of all sizes and industries, with SAP leading the way in the tech landscape. The company will go fully carbon-neutral in 2023, the executive claims, and it has an obligation to help its customers reach the same benchmark.