SAP’s RISE Selected by L3 Harris to Boost Aerospace & Military

In a significant move towards optimizing its ERP processes, L3Harris Technologies has selected the RISE with SAP solution to fuel its corporate transformation project. This development marks a pivotal moment in the aerospace and military industries as L3 Harris takes a bold step towards streamlining its operations and enhancing its agility.

The RISE with SAP solution encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including cloud ERP software, cloud application services, the SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP testing services, and the SAP Business Network for Procurement. This all-in-one offering promises to provide HL3 Harris with the tools and capabilities necessary to seamlessly transition from multiple ERP systems to a unified platform.

One of the key reasons behind L3 Harris's confidence in RISE with SAP is its commitment to security and reliability. Lloyd Adams, President of SAP North America, highlighted how SAP solutions are uniquely suited to support organizations dedicated to safeguarding national security and critical infrastructure. For aerospace and military companies like L3 Harris, security and agility are paramount, and RISE with SAP delivers on both fronts. This strategic move allows L3 Harris to focus on its core strengths while positioning the company for future growth and innovation.

Crucially, SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2) plays a pivotal role in this transformation. SAP NS2 offers a commercially regulated environment that customizes cloud transformation while ensuring the protection of essential applications and data. This level of security and confidence is essential, especially when serving public sector clients and meeting stringent cybersecurity and compliance standards. With the NS2's support, L3Harris can confidently shift to the cloud, knowing that its sensitive data remains secure.

L3 Harris has also chosen SAP and Microsoft as its hyperscale cloud providers. Microsoft Azure Government will host the solution, providing scalability, flexibility, and robust security measures that are essential for handling sensitive government and national security workloads. This partnership between the two companies leverages the strengths of both companies to accelerate L3 Harris's business transformation and enable intelligent enterprise operations.

The choice of Microsoft Azure Government as the hosting platform is a strategic decision that aligns with the heightened security and compliance requirements of the aerospace and military sectors. Microsoft's expertise in cloud computing, combined with SAP's advanced solutions, ensures that L3Harris can navigate the complexities of government contracts and classified information with ease.

As L3Harris embarks on this transformative journey, it sets an example for the industry, demonstrating the potential of SAP's innovative solutions in supporting organizations with a vital mission.