SecureWorks Clinches Its Place In The Promising Future Of Cybersecurity

SecureWorks is a security service provider offering network, IT, and managed security solutions. Founded in 1999, the Atlanta, Georgia-based company is unique in how it puts its threat intelligence into the hands of its customers.

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Its two main product offerings, Secureworks Taegis and Secureworks Taegis XDR, were designed based on the company's more than 20 years of running security operations for customers, and use AI-powered analytics, automation engines, and comprehensive attack vector coverage to improve security outcomes for customers.

SecureWorks solutions keep more than 2,500 global organizations secure. The company puts its money where its mouth is, with a spokesperson telling The Software Report that its platform has been “battle-tested during global cyberattacks including, among others, the Sunburst backdoor, Supernova malware, Microsoft Exchange zero-day and REvil and Ryuk ransomware.”

Sunil Saale, head of cyber and information security at Australian law firm MinterEllison, also relies on SecureWorks. “We generate around 2 billion events each month,” Saale explains. “With Secureworks, we’re able to crunch down that number to 20-30 high fidelity alerts and that makes my team's job much easier.”

According to the company, “2021 has been a transformative year.” Most recently, former Secureworks president of customer success Wendy Thomas was appointed its new CEO and President. Notably, Thomas helped lead Secureworks’ strategic vision and was instrumental to its 2016 IPO. Now, she is tasked with guiding the company into a future where cybersecurity is pertinent to the success of every business.

Another key member of the SecureWorks family is Chief Product Officer Steve Fulton. This year, he was at the helm of the team that brought the security operations and analytics platform Taegis XDR to market. “His unrelenting passion for creating best-in-class software solutions is what keeps Secureworks’ customers protected from today’s most complex global attacks.”

At the heart of Secureworks is a desire to see infinite technological progress—and a drive to contribute to that goal by offering reliable cybersecurity solutions. The company is propelled by this passion in everything it does, with its customers and team members fanning the flame. “We offer flexible work options and emphasize the importance of work-life balance,” the spokesperson explained, “because when people are rewarded, recognized, and rejuvenated, Secureworks wins as a team.”

On its journey of progression, SecureWorks has focused heavily on diversity and inclusion, ensuring that candidates from underrepresented groups are included in external candidate interviews, even at the executive officer level.

The company is currently looking for ways to shrink its carbon footprint and migrate workloads to a more efficient and sustainable public cloud and SaaS environment. No matter what it’s doing—both internally and externally—SecureWorks strives to be better everyday, and its position in the cybersecurity sector speaks for itself.