ServiceNow’s Technology May Be The Answer To Modernize Government IT

The impact of digital transformation isn’t restricted to the private sector, it has had a huge impact on the public sector as well. With engagement preferences profoundly driven by smartphones, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and social media, it’s time for government agencies to modernize their service delivery with better public engagement strategies.

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IT modernization across the federal government has been a longstanding process that has been given greater attention in recent years through both executive and legislative actions. The coronavirus pandemic has notably accelerated these efforts in several ways.

Legacy IT and service delivery infrastructure has become a huge setback for governments in ensuring improved service delivery experiences. Meanwhile, Santa Clara, California-based company, ServiceNow has transformed many organizations with innovative solutions, irrespective of industry.

ITSM-as-a-Service, an offering for IT service management and customer relationship management, was recently set up within the G-Cloud based on ServiceNow technology.

To modernize the government’s traditional service delivery process, ServiceNow ITSM comes with AI-driven solutions and interactive dashboards. The service and communication workflows are streamlined and consolidated into a single dashboard with a cloud solution, such as a portal. In the dashboard or web portal, government officials can track the status of public and employee requests. Citizens can even check the status of their requests to government departments in a single window, vastly improving the user experience.

To offer personalized experiences to the public, the ServiceNow hybrid cloud platform is interfaced with messaging platforms, mobile applications, and chatbots that are peripheral to the ITSM platform. This enables the government to reach people where they are and better serve their interests.

State governments have already gained efficiencies from using ServiceNow tools. For example, the Tennessee Department of Human Services has used ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management to cut down the time it takes to assign inquiries from 36 hours down to 100 seconds, according to the company. With ServiceNow, DHS has slashed inquiry resolution times by 70%. DHS also launched ServiceNow CSM state-wide, creating a user-friendly and responsive customer experience for people in Tennessee.

By interacting with the back-end business systems and using chatbots or mobile apps to alert users of any progress, ServiceNow’s ITSM solutions save time and streamline the communication workflows in the service management process.