SimpliGov Forms Alliance With Okta To Empower Government And Citizens

SimpliGov, a leading provider of government-focused digital solutions for online forms and workflow automation has announced its formed an alliance with Okta, a leader in access management.

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As part of the Okta Integration Network, SimpliGov will combine its cloud-based online forms and process automation platform with Okta’s Identity Cloud. Together, they’ll enable government employees as well as citizens simple and secure access to resources and forms from any device. Together with Okta, the company plans to continue this with their customer base in government, matching process automation, online forms, citizen facing portals, and unifying a variety of different services.

This isn’t the first time SimpliGov has had success with its careful and innovative approach to bridging the gap between people and government. SimpliGov has been used on a range of projects, from automating trademark applications for California's secretary of state, unifying social and healthcare provision in Sonoma County, as well as the automation of forms that enable public servants to declare their financial records in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

Launched by Paul Hirner, who was born in South Africa before working as a dentist in Britain, he later moved to California to launch his first tech company. In 2013, Hirner used his knowledge in software development to found ThinkSmart, a no-code platform to manage business processes, which was acquired by Mitratech.

Now with SimpliGov, he hopes to be a catalyst in the change in government which is coming from inside and out. "On the one side, citizens are driving interface changes and demanding better ease of use in government, while the people working within the system want to be more productive," he says. "They want working lives that are about helping people get things done, not just about processing forms."

As SimpliGov builds a digital library of the forms that governments use and it will walk users through the filing-in process, Okta will play an important role in making use of the established, no-code SimpliGov with pre-built integration in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud models, benefitting both citizens public servants. It’s simple, effective, and set to change the future.