Sisense Dominates Business Intelligence Market With Fusion Platform, New Leaders

Founded in 2004, Sisense is an AI-driven software company headquartered in New York City. What makes the company truly unique is that it goes beyond traditional business intelligence by providing organizations with the ability to embed analytics in both customer-facing applications and employee-facing workflows with its recently rebranded Sisense Fusion platform.

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“We stand out amongst similar offerings because we bring analytics to where people and decision makers are working with the Sisense Extense Framework,” a spokesperson for Sisense told TSR over email. The company can deliver AI-powered analytics within Slack, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Chrome so that users never have to leave their workflows, making it a highly sought-after collaborator.

It’s the company’s proprietary Knowledge Graph, however, that takes the cake. Knowledge Graph uses patent-pending algorithms and is empowered by 10 years of anonymized historical data from all of Sisense clients’ past interactions.

What makes Sisense offerings particularly impressive isn’t just the technology, but the team behind them. “[We’ve] been fortunate to hire some of the best and most talented people in the industry to help drive growth.” With the appointment of Adam Towns—former SVP of finance at Mimecast—as its Chief Financial Officer in March this year, Sisense is charging its executive team with scaling the company as it faces increases in demand and opportunities. In 2020, the company hired its first-ever Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Ashley Kramer. “She’s behind the successful unveiling of Sisense Fusion, an AI-driven analytics platform designed to make data analytics simple, scalable and actionable.”

While these appointments promise a bright future for Sisense, it’s clear that there’s a holistic approach to how the team operates. “We see our teams and the people here as our most valuable resource, so we choose to prioritize our people over everything and promote wellbeing for our global teams.” This is especially true when it comes to how the company handles initiatives related to social equity and inclusivity. Chief Operating Officer of Sisense Amir Orad is a co-founder and participant in an initiative led by Insight Partners that encourages CEOs to report diversity metrics and share best practices for inclusion programs at the companies they helm.

It’s likely Orad is reporting back about Sisense’s seven fully funded employee resource groups (ERGs). “These serve various underrepresented communities such as Black, Asian and Latinx communities, LGBTQIA+, women, working parents, and even the mental health of employees.”
Sisense has organized events for various heritage months such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Pride Month, but it also strives to ensure that there is space to safely discuss tragedies that affect its employees.

“Between the #MeToo movement and the continued systemic racial issues that reached a boiling point in 2020, we aim to keep up with the changing world around us by learning to adapt to our constantly changing society.”