Skuid Helps Companies Make Apps On The Fly

Business is fast-paced and thanks to the internet, technological advancement is ever changing, requiring companies to be able to act on the fly. That is particularly true when it comes to how they manage the customer relationship and use the data they are collecting.

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Loyalty can be fickle. Make mistakes and companies can quickly lose business to a competitor.  Aiming to help enterprises navigate the frenzied pace of change, Skuid has emerged as a leader in no-code apps. With its platform, companies can create toolbars and apps to boost productivity, get a deeper insight into the business data and enhance customer relationship management. It integrates with most software applications whether it's Oracle, Microsoft, Slack, and Salesforce.  Users can also create voice-activated apps that work with Amazon Alexa on the platform.

Not resting on its laurels, Skuid, which launched in 2013 and has more than 5 million users spanning 32 countries, recently inked a new partnership with MuleSoft, the integration software company to enable enterprises to create better business apps. As part of the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program Skuid is aiming to help companies join all their disparate data to create business applications. The combination of Skuid and MuleSoft products allow companies to share data quickly and securely, without having to worry about the format or source and turn data into apps. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform makes APIs and integration tools so that close to any technology can be connected in a standardized way in the background. On the front end, Skuid’s SaaS platform provides customers with the application development system to build business apps.

“Integration with MuleSoft makes it possible to consolidate and unify your data, and with Skuid, you can finally cover those last few miles, ‘appifying’ all that data in meaningful ways,” Ken McElrath, CEO and founder of Skuid said earlier this month when announcing the development. “Skuid provides the user experience layer so that companies can actually make sense of all of the data they’ve integrated with MuleSoft.”

But teaming up with MuleSoft isn’t the only news emanating from the Chattanooga, Tennessee SaaS company. Aiming to drive CRM app making on its platform, the company recently rolled out the CRM Project Guide which helps application developers create custom CRM apps using Skuid. The research includes real-life examples from Skuid customers and best practices so that developers can quickly create new CRM apps. The way Skuid sees it, as more companies digitize their businesses, CRM is an ideal place to begin. After all, if you are not managing your customer relationships your business will suffer. With Skuid customers can create tailor-made CRM apps that tap into data from multiple sources within an enterprise and connect it with one user interface. That all happens with point and click ease thanks to the Skuid platform.