Software Companies Invest in VR Technologies to Drive Development and Innovation Opportunities

After decades of being explored in science fiction movies and television, as well as in video gaming, virtual reality (VR) technologies are getting major software investments that could finally accelerate their usability. Software companies are putting significant money behind popular and emerging areas, including mixed reality VR headsets, immersive VR, educational experiences, and more. These companies are vying for space in the market as it expands and hoping to carve out a place among big tech giants.

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For example, CEO Arnie Abramyan uses VR tech to develop and deploy software solutions. He also sees Facebook’s shift in focus to creating a web3 metaverse environment — even changing its company name to Meta in 2023 — as a significant indicator of the willingness of companies to take chances in the VR landscape. Its focus on developing a mass social gaming experience is just one of many opportunities Abramyan sees in the emerging VR market.

Software investments are also targeting the optimization of VR delivery, including the improvement of graphics and audio, to enhance quality and realism. And governments and military-industrial companies are exploring ways VR and AR (augmented reality) can provide new advantages on and off the battlefield. The possibilities are only beginning to emerge; only investment, development, and time will tell how far they can go.