Software Investor Valsoft Takes Unique Approach As It Pursues Targets

Montreal-based software investor Valsoft Corporation has acquired the engineering and maintenance software company Commsoft OASES. It will join a bevy of other software companies already owned by Valsoft such as InnQuest, Thermeon, and DockMaster.

Founded in 1971 and based in Tiptree in Essex, England, Commsoft will continue to work on the development of its OASES platform as well as its other products and services. Nick Godwin will stay on as managing director, and the rest of the team of directors—Gary Pollak, James Stock, and David Pusey—will also remain involved to guarantee a smooth transition.

Commsoft won its first contract in 1975 with Laker Airways, a now-defunct British carrier. In 1976, it began using the software that was the predecessor of OASES, and today its current software is used by 130 aviation customers all over the world. These include various airlines; cargo carriers; charter airlines; lessors; maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers; and rotable stockists.

Valsef Group, which owns Valsoft, was founded in Montreal, Canada, in June 2011 by a team of technology entrepreneurs. Its goal was to build a world-class conglomerate of knowledge-based businesses. The company’s CEO is Sam Youssef, one of the founders, and its vice president is cofounder Stephane Manos, who is responsible for mergers and acquisitions, technology, strategy, and research.

In 2012, Valsef Group created the majority-owned subsidiary Valnet Inc., which, over the past four years, has made a host of strategic acquisitions in the web-based business market. It has also become a top-five global web publisher with over one billion monthly page views and has a portfolio that includes content-based leading websites such as,, and, as well as some of the largest YouTube channels. Valsoft is a recently developed subsidiary of the Valsef Group, with the focus on acquiring vertical software businesses to help them grow.

Valsef Group uses a decentralized management approach. After acquiring a company, it leaves it in its current location, and the group then works with existing management and employees, who it believes are its best assets. The Valsef Group provides coaching and formal management training, capital allocation processes, and other programs to improve earnings and generate growth. Its goal is to provide a rewarding work environment and enriching career opportunities, which it feels will result in the highest quality of services for its clients.