Stack Overflow Emergent Tech Sentiment Survey Reflects Programmers’ Love of Open-Source Tech and Wariness of AI

Stack Overflow, the public Q&A platform for programmers, has released its 2023 Emergent Tech Sentiment Survey, which aims to evaluate how developers feel about budding technologies, including quantum computing, nanotechnology, blockchain and others. It also gauges their perception of the value of new and in-use technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning and more. The results were laid out in a four-quadrant diagram with two axes: negative to positive impact and emergent to proven value. The results may surprise industry insiders and outsiders alike.

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The negatively rated emergent technologies include buzzworthy concepts such as blockchain, innersource development and augmented/virtual reality, all of which have been embraced by the largest of companies. In the opposite quadrant, open source scored the highest on positive sentiment and proven value—which may surprise anyone except for programmers. Open-source software is extremely popular with developers of all skill levels—its use as a teaching tool is as invaluable as its developmental benefits.

AI-enabled technologies landed near the center of the matrix, indicating an upward trajectory toward positive impact and high value in the future. On the other hand, the related field of machine learning is among the best valued technologies on the chart.