Stellar Cyber Partners with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Cybersecurity

In a move that promises to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities for enterprises, Stellar Cyber, the pioneer behind Open XDR technology, has announced its collaboration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This strategic partnership aims to empower users with advanced security operations management tools, enhancing cyber risk reduction and the productivity of security analysts within Oracle-Stellar Cyber customer organizations.

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OCI, known for its user-friendly platform, aligns seamlessly with Stellar Cyber's commitment to simplifying security operations. Andrew Homer, Stellar Cyber's VP of Strategic Alliances, expressed excitement about this partnership, emphasizing that they are dedicated to delivering trusted security solutions to their shared customer base.

At the heart of this collaboration is the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform, which offers a comprehensive solution for security teams. This platform streamlines security operations by automating labor-intensive tasks and enabling security teams to swiftly detect, monitor, and respond to threats across various environments, including cloud, on-premises, OT (Operational Technology), and hybrid setups. It achieves this through integrations and support for all enterprise data sources, AI/ML-driven correlation, and purpose-built intelligent automation. Importantly, Stellar Cyber runs on OCI, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

Furthermore, Jim O'Hara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stellar Cyber, highlighted their commitment to providing essential capabilities for security teams. The simplicity of a single license, pricing structure, and platform allows customers to measure the impact of the Open XDR platform on their security ROI. This streamlined approach is expected to resonate well with businesses seeking to optimize their cybersecurity efforts.

David Hicks, Oracle's Group Vice President of Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, also emphasized that OCI was designed with a security-first mindset, which has earned the trust of enterprises worldwide. By partnering with Stellar Cyber on OCI, Oracle offers its customers an industry-leading Open XDR solution to manage cloud security and protect their data.

The Oracle Partner Network (OPN) includes Stellar Cyber, making it easier for OCI clients to access the Open XDR platform through Oracle Universal Credits (OUCs) on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This streamlined procurement process simplifies the adoption of Stellar Cyber's advanced security capabilities for Oracle's customer base.

Stellar Cyber's Open XDR platform is designed to provide comprehensive and unified security solutions without unnecessary complexity. It equips security teams, regardless of their expertise level, with the tools needed to secure their environments effectively.

By leveraging Stellar Cyber's technology, enterprises can identify and remediate threats early, reduce expenses, maximize existing tool investments, and significantly boost analyst productivity. This translates into impressive improvements in Mean Time to Detection (MTTD) and Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR), with up to 8X and 20X enhancements, respectively.