Stephanie Cohen Departs Goldman Sachs to Join Cloudflare as Chief Strategy Officer

Stephanie Cohen, a prominent figure at Goldman Sachs for nearly 25 years, is leaving to join Cloudflare as its new Chief Strategy Officer. Cohen, who joined Goldman Sachs in 1999, rose through the ranks to become a partner in 2014 and subsequently held various leadership positions within the firm, including co-leading the consumer and wealth management business and overseeing Platform Solutions, Goldman's fintech unit. Her departure marks another significant exit from Goldman, following recent key executive departures earlier in the year.

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At Cloudflare, Cohen will join the company's efforts to solidify its position as a leading IT company. Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince expressed excitement about Cohen's decision to join the team, highlighting her reputation as one of the best executives in the industry. Cohen's move underscores the allure of Cloudflare as a promising tech company and reflects the company's ambitions to attract top talent as it continues to grow and innovate in the technology sector.

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