Tecsys Supply Chain Software Keeps Footwear Brands Running At Full-Speed

Supply chains around the world experienced some very significant disruptions in 2021 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, emphasizing the need for cutting-edge supply-chain solutions. Some of the biggest footwear brands in the U.S. have found an answer with Tecsys and its industry-leading supply chain management software.

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Footwear companies such as Aetrex, Browns Shoes, and Red Wing Shoes have deployed the Omni and Elite software platforms to modernize and master omnichannel distribution and retail processes as they move to hybrid retail models. Footwear inventory management is one of the most complicated retail undertakings, due to the variety of sizes, color variations, and seasonality, making Tecsys’ supply-chain management solutions ideal for staying competitive in modern markets.

Tecsys' distributed order management system, Omni OMS, enables footwear retailers and direct-to-consumer brands to carry distributed inventory across fulfillment locations, saving distribution centers from the need to stock low-demand products at every site. Its Elite Enterprise solutions, on the other hand, empower world-class warehousing, delivery, and fulfillment operations, as well as enhanced customer service and optimized warehousing costs, growth, and profitability. Red Wing uses Tecsys software to modernize its omnichannel infrastructure, while Aetrex has leveraged the Elite WMS to fuel its rapid growth. Meanwhile, Canadian footwear brand Browns has praised the part Tecsys solutions play in ensuring exemplary customer service experiences.