Teleperformance Joins ServiceNow’s AI Lighthouse Program to Pioneer Generative AI

In a strategic move to revolutionize digital services, Teleperformance, a global leader, has joined ServiceNow's pioneering AI Lighthouse program. The goal of this partnership is to come up with, build, and use generative AI (GenAI) use cases that are specific to the automotive industry. The goal is to boost productivity and make customers and employees happier across front- and back-office Customer Service Management (CSM) and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) functions.

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The AI Lighthouse program, launched in July 2023, stands as a trailblazing initiative to expedite enterprise GenAI development and adoption. This strategic partnership seamlessly integrates with Teleperformance's recent introduction of TP GenAI earlier this year.

Daniel Julien, Chairman and CEO of Teleperformance, emphasized, "Some of the world's biggest brands are focused on leveraging generative AI tools to improve efficiencies and strengthen their services." He added that the collaboration with ServiceNow leverages Teleperformance's extensive digital CX experience to create powerful and actionable GenAI use cases for their clients within the AI Lighthouse framework.

Bill McDermott, Chairman and CEO of ServiceNow, asserted, "Generative AI is unveiling a new frontier of human productivity, leading to an era of rising prosperity." McDermott expressed pride in having Teleperformance within their ecosystem, highlighting the invaluable contribution of their digital services expertise in unlocking AI-enabled experiences.

Importantly, Teleperformance's participation in the AI Lighthouse program brings with it a wealth of CX consultancy, GenAI engineering, and development proficiency. The initial focus will be on creating GenAI models for agent-customer interactions. Through this, Teleperformance intends to automate remedial agent tasks such as case summaries, next steps, and knowledge management for its customer service agents, who play a pivotal role in customer care.

With over 410,000 dedicated professionals proficient in more than 300 languages, Teleperformance is renowned for its seamless integration of advanced technology with human empathy, providing customers of the world's leading brands with simpler, faster, and safer customer care. Their AI-powered service portfolio encompasses front-office customer care, back-office functions, and trust and safety services to safeguard online users and brand reputation.

In 2022, Teleperformance reported a revenue of $8.6 billion and a net profit of approximately $68 million, underscoring its global impact and financial robustness. The company's shares are listed on Euronext Paris and are constituents of prestigious indices like CAC 40, STOXX 600, S&P Europe 350, and more, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

This partnership exemplifies a collective commitment to harnessing the potential of AI for the betterment of businesses worldwide.