The Business Software Revolution, According to ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott

Many businesses face a unique dilemma: how to cut costs amid economic uncertainty while still investing in digital transformation and innovation. Limited-function applications are losing traction as more purpose-built solutions gain popularity, thanks to their industry and function specificity. ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott sees his company’s customers struggling to do more with less while needing to increase automation, speed, and productivity. If they don’t invest in the short term, they’re more likely to fall behind in the mid and long-term.

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McDermott considers ServiceNow’s platform ideal for end-to-end digital transformation, promoting both cost-cutting and growth within. This allows solutions to be deployed swiftly and efficiently while giving businesses a quicker return on investment. Since joining the company in 2019, the CEO has aggressively expanded its offerings beyond an IT-centric automation tool to accommodate more customer needs, including security, IT service and operations management, and more.

The company has also found success with customer, employee, and creator workflows, which help promote the internal development of new solutions. McDermott sees millions of applications being built on ServiceNow’s low-code platform, all part of a revolution in business software. All this can make the difference between longevity and irrelevance.