“The Forge” Needs Sustained Resources To Protect Technology At Sea And Beyond

Digital transformation is essential for organizations everywhere, and that’s not limited to civilian sectors. The information systems of governmental bodies, from administrative to defense and beyond, are often left lacking due to inexpert operation, bureaucracy, and other obstacles, leaving crucial systems at serious risk. Those dangers become potentially cataclysmic when applied to the U.S. defense system, which is why The Forge, the Navy’s “software factory,” is appealing to Congress for sufficient and stable support before it’s too late.

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Unveiled in 2021, The Forge is a Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS) prototype software factory, and among its many functions is the updating of Aegis Combat Systems on Naval ships—ideally remotely while fleets are at sea. Unfortunately, like many other areas of the federal government, funding for necessary technology and cybersecurity fall surprisingly short of enough. With technological advancements happening at breakneck speed, the Aegis systems will need significant and rapid upgrades that can only be maintained with a stable allocation of resources. In order to promote such success, The Forge has been able to “virtualize” Aegis and is currently working to do the same for the Ship Self-Defense System. Like other branches of the government, keeping military and defense digital infrastructures prepared is a perpetual matter of national, and possibly global, security.