The SaaS Report renamed to The Software Report

Founded in 2017, the SaaS Report was created to provide SaaS CEOs, executives and investors with the most important news and information impacting the SaaS sector.  Over the last two years and now with a readership base of over 27,000, The SaaS Report has been renamed to The Software Report for two primary reasons - 1) Our coverage evolved over time to cover the software industry at large to meet the requests of our growing readership and 2) Software and SaaS are becoming one and the same as practically all software will transition to a cloud environment.

With the new name, we are excited to expand both the scope of our coverage as well as the format our content will take.  We will be digging deeper into the latest software product offerings and what the market considers best of breed.  We will recognize more professionals across the various sub-segments of the software sector, particularly those unsung heroes who have contributed tremendously to the growth of their companies but have shied away from the spotlight.  And of course, we will continue to celebrate those CEOs who charge forward building amazing companies, inspiring all those they lead and advancing the tech industry in their own unique way.

Please join us as we continue our journey to becoming the premier source executives turn to for important news and information on the software sector.

We've included below a few notable feature pieces we published in the last couple years.

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