The Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020

The Software Report is pleased to announce the Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020.  These exceptional CEOs were selected based on nomination submissions from colleagues, peers and other software industry participants.  Nominees were reviewed across a number of key areas including company performance, workplace culture, product strength and strategic decision-making, among other areas.  They were most closely evaluated based on qualitative and substantive commentary provided in the nomination submissions.

As in years past, the awardees this year represent highly regarded CEOs whose colleagues both internal and external to their company praise their effective leadership style.  And in many cases, we were impressed with the outpouring of support, respect and admiration from their employees.  It has become clear that to build a high performing organization supported by a constructive and enduring culture, the CEO needs to possess a unique set of rare skills.  Please join us in recognizing The Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020.


1. Max Chuard, Temenos

Max Chuard is the Chief Executive Officer of Temenos, a market-leading provider of banking software systems. Founded in 1993, the Swiss company has grown to become known as the world’s best banking software company. Chuard has been the driving force behind the company’s transformation into a SaaS-first company since joining the team in 2002. Initially, he led the Temenos mergers and acquisitions strategy and spearheaded fifteen successful transactions, including Akcelerant, Multifonds, Avoka, and Kony. In 2012 he became Chief Financial Officer of the company before he was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2015. During his time at Temenos, the company increased its market value from $700 million to more than $12 billion, becoming the fourth largest software company in Europe and one of the fastest-growing global technology organizations. Since he was appointed Chief Executive Officer, the company’s SaaS revenues had gone up by over 120% in 2019. As an advocate for diversity, Chuard has supported the company’s Adopt-IT program, which under his direction, successfully supports disadvantaged local communities to gain digital skills. His experience spans over 20 years in the technology sector as well as global leadership expertise that includes positions at financial institutions. Previously, Chuard was at Swicorp and JP Morgan Chase.


2. Martin Mucci, Paychex

Martin Mucci is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Paychex, a leading provider of HR, payroll, benefits, and insurance solutions. Founded in 1971, the Rochester-based company serves more than 680,000 clients in more than 100 locations in the US and Europe. Under Mucci’s leadership, Paychex has transformed from a payroll services company to a leading provider of integrated human capital management (HCM) solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses, growing to $4.0 billion in annual revenue and a market cap of more than $30 billion. Under Mucci’s leadership, Paychex has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by The Ethisphere Institute and one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE. Mucci joined Paychex as Senior Vice President of Operations in 2002. In this position, he was responsible for all operations and customer service for the company’s payroll and human resource services clients, as well as the company’s product management and information technology functions. Notably, he's a regular guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box, as well as Bloomberg TV and Radio. Prior to joining Paychex, Mucci served as President of Telephone Operations at Frontier Communications. Before this he was the CEO of Frontier Telephone in Rochester, a telecommunications services provider.


3. Reggie Aggarwal, Cvent (tie)

Reggie Aggarwal is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cvent, a leading provider of meetings, events, and hospitality technology. Initially a lawyer, Aggarwal established Cvent in 1999 as a two-person startup with the goal of making meeting planning easier for the business community. The idea first came about when Aggarwal saw a need for a solution in the event technology space. Before this, he had spent years painstakingly planning hundreds of events for the Indian CEO Network. He found early success as a pioneer in the event technology space but had to lay off nearly 80% of his employees during the dot-com bust in the early 2000s. During this time, approaching bankruptcy and facing the possibility of failure, Aggarwal and the core team focused on the two things that mattered most for a successful business: its employees and customers. Today, the McLean Virginia-based company has grown to over 4,000 employees with offices in London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Melbourne, New Delhi, and Singapore. In November of 2016 Cvent was sold to Vista Equity Partners in a go-private deal in which the company was valued at $1.65 billion, representing a 70% premium. It is now billed as one of the most significant event management software companies in the US.


3. Nick Mehta, Gainsight (tie)

Nick Mehta is the Chief Executive Officer of Gainsight, the leading provider of customer success technology which helps businesses drive company growth. The Mountain View, CA-based company was founded in 2009 and disrupted the sector by focusing on customer retention and reducing churn rather than customer acquisition. Since joining the company in 2013, Mehta has led the team at Gainsight - affectionately known as the “Gainsters” - to create a customer service platform that’s become the gold standard of SaaS. Under his leadership, Gainsight has raised $156 million in funding, developed an award-winning company culture, and grown to more than 700 employees in offices across the globe. Previously, Mehta was an Executive In Residence at Accel Partners, Chief Executive Officer at LiveOffice (acquired by Symantec), Entrepreneur In Residence at Trinity Ventures, and Vice President of Product Management at Symantec (formerly VERITAS). Mehta is currently on the Board of Directors at F5 and is a General Partner at Acceleprise San Francisco. In 2016, Mehta along with Dan Steinman and Lincoln Murphy co-authored Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue.


4. Adam Miller, Cornerstone

Adam Miller is the Founder and Co-Chairman of Cornerstone, a cloud-based people development software provider headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Miller started the company in 1999 out of his one-bedroom apartment when he decided to start a solution designed to help people realize their potential. Over the course of the last two decades as CEO, Miller has grown the company to over 3,000 employees in more than 25 countries. Today, Cornerstone delivers over 1 billion courses and is used by more than 7,000 organizations worldwide, empowering more than 75 million people in 192 countries. As an avid social entrepreneur, Miller became the Chairman of Team Rubicon in 2013, where he helped the team grow the nonprofit from 500 to 120,000 volunteers and create America’s leading veterans service organization. As the Chairman of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, Miller helped launch WorkforceReady, NonprofitReady, and DisasterReady, which provides online training and resources to help people help others. It should come as no surprise that he is also a passionate speaker, writer and advocate of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, technology and talent management. Before founding Cornerstone, Miller was an investment banker and consultant.


5. Hardeep Gulati, PowerSchool

Hardeep Gulati is the Chief Executive Officer of PowerSchool, the leading education technology platform for K-12 education providers. Established in 1997, the Folsom, California-based company serves more than 45 million students in over 80 countries. Most recently, Gulati successfully led PowerSchool’s acquisition of Schoology and prior to that, its acquisition of PeopleAdmin, the ninth and eighth acquisitions during his tenure as CEO. Additionally, he has overseen the expansion of the company’s workforce from 500 to over 2,500 employees. Prior to joining PowerSchool in 2015, Gulati was CEO of SumTotal Systems. Under his leadership, the company became the market leader in enterprise learning systems and saw record-breaking growth in cloud computing services. Gulati joined SumTotal after his time at Oracle, where he led strategy and product development across a variety of enterprise application areas. Before Oracle, Gulati was Vice President of Products at SpinCircuit, an information exchange enterprise software company founded by Cadence, HP, Flextronics, and Avnet. He was also founder and CTO at eBizAutomation, an enterprise integration company that was acquired by SpinCircuit. Early in his career, Gulati held senior consulting positions at Lucent Technologies as well as Dun & Bradstreet.


6. Prakash Panjwani, WatchGuard Technologies

Prakash Panjwani is the Chief Executive Officer of WatchGuard, a provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity technology including network security, secure wi-fi, and MFA. Founded in 1996, the Seattle-based company provides threat management solutions that combine firewall, virtual private networks (VPN), and security services to protect networks and businesses. And since 2015, Panjwani has been at the helm of the company. Over the last five years, the experienced executive has focused on expanding WatchGuard’s portfolio of security products and services in line with its mission to deliver widely deployable, enterprise-grade security to small to medium organizations and distributed enterprises. Before joining WatchGuard, Panjwani was the Chief Executive Officer of SafeNet. During his 16-year tenure at the company, where he held several roles, Panjwani was credited with growing the firm from a small start-up to one of the industry’s leading data security companies. At SafeNet, he also led the strategic acquisition of 12 companies, which included Aladdin Knowledge Systems and Cryptocard. Notably, he spearheaded the software division’s transformation from a copyright protection offering into a modern software monetization platform. Prior to this, he held positions at Motorola and Telcordia.


7. Sanjay Shah, Vistex

Sanjay Shah is the Founder, Chief Architect and Chief Executive Officer of Vistex, a solutions provider that helps businesses take control of their mission-critical processes. Launched in 1999, the Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based company was bootstrapped to $250 million in revenue without any outside investments. Its current investors include Accel-KKR and SAP. As an accountant, Shah made the transition into tech after he found accounting to be "mundane." It turned out to be the right decision as he left SAP to establish Vistex, which today celebrates 21+ years of success. Vistex has changed the face of the software industry with cutting-edge marketplace solutions for some of the world’s biggest companies like Apple, Walmart, Nestle, and GE. Under Shah’s leadership, Vistex has grown into a global organization dedicated to transforming how businesses across multiple industries bring their products and services to market. With a passion for lifelong learning and an appreciation of the importance of giving back, he also founded the Vistex Foundation and the Vistex Institute for Executive Learning and Research at his alma mater Lehigh University. He has been credited with creating an entirely new category of business software dubbed the “go-to-market” sectors, and has charted a visionary path for Vistex that transcends the norm.


8. Brad Brooks, OneLogin

Brad Brooks is the President, Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member of OneLogin, a cloud identity and access management solution that enables enterprises to secure all apps for their users on all devices. Since joining the company in 2017, OneLogin has grown tremendously raising over $130 million in funding and expanding the workforce by over 60%. What sets Brooks apart from other leaders, is the prioritization of his employees. “I appreciate how [he] has built a company with a true sense of culture,” shares a OneLogin colleague. “As we have had to move to a remote workforce the company still feels like a cohesive group even though we are physically no longer together.” ‘Before joining OneLogin, Brooks served as DocuSign’s Chief Marketing officer, where he helped the company grow to more than 200 million users across more than 150 countries. Prior to DocuSign, Brooks held various leadership roles with Juniper Networks, most recently as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. And for almost a decade, he led the Microsoft Windows brand and consumer business as Corporate Vice President. With over 25 years of experience leading global technology companies, Brooks is well-regarded as an industry visionary with a proven ability to energize partners and teams towards meeting and exceeding business objectives.


9. Fred Voccola, Kaseya

Fred Voccola is the Chief Executive Officer of Kaseya, an IT infrastructure and security management software provider that offers remote management, backup, cloud, security, compliance and IT documentation solutions for managed service providers and SMBs. Since joining the company in 2015, Voccola has led the company’s vision, strategy, and growth, extending to Kaseya’s family of brands; Unitrends, Spanning Cloud Apps, Rapidfire Tools, ID Agent and IT Glue. Under his leadership, Kaseya has achieved a unicorn status valuation of over $2 billion. With over 20 years of experience as a technology executive, Voccola has a proven track record for success in building and managing sales, product, marketing, R&D, and business development organizations. Prior to joining Kaseya, Voccola was the President and General Manager of Yodle’s Brand Networks Division, providing digital and market automation solutions to small and medium businesses. In 2016, Yodle was successfully acquired by Before this, Voccola was President of Nolio, a DevOps SaaS company, where he drove 100% year-over-year growth. Notably, Voccola co-founded and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Trust Technology, where he drove significant growth over three years prior to the company’s sale to FGI Global.


10. Sanjit Biswas, Samsara

Sanjit Biswas is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Samsara, a global IoT platform that focuses on the industrial sector. Founded in 2015, the San Francisco company combines hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations. Sanjit met his co-founder, John Beckett while they were both Ph.D students at MIT. Driven by a dream to bring free WiFi to Cambridge, Massachusetts, the two grew their first business, Meraki. The company was acquired by Cisco in 2012 for $1.2 billion. From there, the two entrepreneurs’ shifted their focus to develop Samsara. The company’s business model is based on selling both its hardware and a subscription-based service that companies can use to keep track of their assets. By leveraging IoT devices, the software monitors a large number of variables and offers insights by drilling down into the vast amounts of data the tools collect. Today, under Sanjit's leadership, the company has grown to serve 15,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to field services, food production, energy, construction, local governments, and manufacturing. The company’s series F round saw Samsara valued at $6.3 billion.


11. Jaswinder Chadha, Axtria

Jaswinder Chadha is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer at Axtria, an analytics software and services company that enables customers to transform their business with data and analytics. Chadha founded Axtria in 2010 to build cutting-edge analytics and software solutions that will help global companies manage and get insights from big data effectively. Today, the New Jersey company's cloud-based platforms enable customers to efficiently manage data, leverage data science to deliver insights for sales and marketing planning, and manage end-to-end commercial operations. Celebrated for his critical thinking, Chadha is a pioneer in building advanced decision support software. He’s worked closely with over 100 global companies to improve the effectiveness of their commercial operations. Under Chadha’s leadership, Axtria has become one of the most prominent global players in the life sciences industry. Previously he was an Advisory Council Member on Small Business and Agriculture (SBAAC) at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as well as a member of the Board of Directors at SpectraMedix, Panjab Digital Library, and the Sikh Research Institute. Before this, he was the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of marketRx, a life sciences company acquired by Cognizant Technology Solutions.


12. Katherine Kostereva, Creatio

Katherine Kostereva is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Creatio, a global software company providing a leading low-code platform for process management and consumer relationship management software (CRM). In 2002, Kostereva sought to help businesses transform and better engage with customers, so she pursued the path of creating a robust platform that accelerated marketing, sales, service, and operations. Since then, Creatio has grown into a recognized market leader. At the core of Creatio is Kostereva, whose is well known in the organization for her energy, drive, and consistent focus on results. She developed her deep business acumen over nearly two decades of experience enabling businesses to optimize sales, marketing, services, and overall operations catering to thousands of customers and worldwide partners. Kostereva believes that as Chief Executive, she can continue to build Creatio into a longstanding remarkable organization by recruiting the right people, leading them wisely, and trusting them along the way. Currently, she is the Founder and Managing Partner at Terrasoft and an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council. Previously, she was Head of Web Development at Softline and Marketing Manager at IBM.


13. Jean-Luc Robert, Kyriba (tie)

Jean-Luc Robert is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kyriba, a scalable SaaS platform that enables treasury departments to plan for market volatility, regulation, and value creation, while protecting against risk. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Kyriba developed its Active Liquidity Network that connects internal applications for treasury, risk, payments and working capital, with vital external sources such as banks, ERPs, trading platforms, and market data providers. Robert joined the company in 2003, and during his tenure has helped establish the company as one of the leading global providers of treasury management solutions while expanding aggressively into emerging markets and driving worldwide revenue growth. Today, Kyriba has over 1,800 firms and 65,000 people using its software. Previously, Jean-Luc was a successful serial entrepreneur. He was the founding Chairman and CEO of European Engineering Software, a leading provider of financial software that was acquired by SunGard Data. He was also the founding Chairman and CEO of Eurosept Associés, a successful consulting firm acquired by EDS.


13. Chris Cabrera, Xactly (tie)

Chris Cabrera is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xactly, a provider of cloud-based incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. Cabrera has led Xactly from a small startup in 2005 to a public company followed by a $564 million private equity deal. Under his leadership, the company’s offerings have expanded to include Xactly’s holistic sales performance management solution. Its renowned suite of tools has garnered the company over 1600 enterprise customers, including Flowserve, Hyatt, Salesforce, and Louis Vuitton. Shortly after founding Xactly, Cabrera established the XactlyOne Foundation, a non-profit coordinating volunteer opportunities, and projects for employees in local communities. To date, Xactly has raised and donated over $250,000 and more than 1,000 volunteer hours to organizations in need. As an action-oriented leader, Cabrera also implements his value system at Xactly, by bridging the pay gap between men and women at the company. In 2014, he took action to ensure pay equity at the company after noticing a discrepancy amongst his staff. This inspired leaders like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to follow suit. Before Xactly, Cabrera held roles at Callidus Software and SGI. He currently serves as a Board Member of Wrike and TopOPPS.


14. Neil Barua, ServiceMax

Neil Barua is the Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMax, the leading provider of field service management software (FSM) for equipment manufacturers and service providers. Since his appointment in 2019, Barua has led the company by ensuring the confidence, skill, and knowledge of its frontline employees. It’s an unorthodox approach, but a logical one that recognizes that these employees are the face of the company. As a firm believer in ServiceMax’s corporate value, he strives to uphold one particular tenet: “Leaders work for you.” With over 20 years of experience, Barua is cognizant of the world around him, implementing these values into his executive leadership. In 2020, the CEO put his employees and their families first by quickly moving the company’s workforce to work remotely. He has also been a vocal advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement, regularly hosting company-wide dialogue sessions. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry and a proven track record of growing businesses, Barua isn’t just a respected executive but also a future-looking leader. Previously, he served as an operating partner at Silver Lake, the private equity firm that acquired a majority stake in ServiceMax. Before this, he was the Chief Executive Officer at IPC Systems, where Barua led the successful sale of the company from Silver Lake Partners in a transaction worth over $1.2 billion.


15. Mike Gianoni, Blackbaud

Mike Gianoni is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Blackbaud, a provider of software solutions designed to enable non-profits, foundations, corporations, education institutions and other organizations to operate more efficiently across various activities. Through purpose-built cloud software, services, thought leadership, and data intelligence, the company is amplifying impact for more than 40,000 customers in over 60 countries in their own efforts to build a better world. When Gianoni joined the company in 2014, Blackbaud's financial performance was stagnant. But over the last six years, according to a colleague, “he’s reoriented the organization toward a more customer and purpose-driven vision, which produced a dramatic culture and performance change within the company.” In fact, his transformative leadership style was highlighted in Lisa McLeod’s book, Leading With Noble Purpose. During his tenure, he’s focused on leadership development, aligning a world-class executive team around him, and commissioned a new organizational function focused on operational excellence and quality, which informed dramatic quality and experience improvements within months that were noticeable to customers. “In under two years, Gianoni transitioned Blackbaud from a legacy, on-premises software company to a modern, innovative and leading cloud solution provider while growing both revenue and profitability achieving double-digit growth,” said another colleague. The executive joined Blackbaud from Fiserv, a global provider of financial services technology solutions, where he was Executive Vice President and President of the Financial Institutions Group.


16. Bill Carter, ALM

Bill Carter is the Chief Executive Officer at ALM, an information and intelligence company specializing in business news and information. Headquartered in New York, ALM has delivered trusted reporting through innovative technology with its award-winning media properties. A veteran of the legal information services industry, Carter joined ALM in 2012 when he was tapped for his leadership, digital transformations, product development, and value creation experience. The company was a legacy publishing firm with multiple brands accessed through numerous sites and print publications read by thousands of individual subscribers when he joined. Under his leadership, Carter created an award-winning digital platform with enterprise subscribers that included prestigious law firms and companies across the globe. This year, Carter spearheaded the launch of International, a platform that’s expanded ALM's global presence. Before joining ALM, Carter was the Senior Vice President of the Small Law Business Unit at Thomson Reuters, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at GES Exposition Services and Managing Director of eDiscovery at Epiq Systems. Previously, he held roles at LexisNexis, Bain and Company, and Southwest Research Institute.


17. Kerry Bailey, eSentire

Kerry Bailey is the Chief Executive Officer of eSentire, the largest pure-play Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provider. Founded in 2001, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company keeps organizations safe from constantly-evolving cyber attacks, protecting more than $6 trillion in corporate assets. Bailey joined the company in 2018. As a seasoned executive with over 28 years of executive experience in the information technology services sector, Bailey possesses unique executive experience that spans security, managed services, and cloud computing, from Fortune 50 to early stage growth companies. Previously, Bailey served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Hewlett Packard and Channel Chief, where he led the growth of private, public, and hybrid clouds, and the worldwide indirect channel, respectively. Prior to Hewlett Packard, Bailey held various senior executive roles at Verizon Enterprise including CEO and president of Terremark, a Verizon company and leader in global managed security services, data center colocation, and cloud. Earlier roles include CEO of Betrusted and Security Assurance Group, and various senior executive level positions at Cybertrust and the United States Intelligence Community (IC).


18. George Gallegos, Jitterbit

George Gallegos is the Chief Executive Officer of Jitterbit, the leading provider of powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use application and data integration software. Established in 2004, the Alameda, California-based company focuses on integrating cloud applications but caters to non-technical users. Gallegos joined as Chief Executive in 2011, following the company’s best quarter since its inception. With over 20 years of software, leadership, and entrepreneurial experience, Gallegos has intimate knowledge of the integration space. Previously, he was a founding member of C3, a Tom Siebel venture focused on energy and carbon management. Before this, Gallegos was Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Cast Iron Systems, leading global field operations for the integration appliance vendor. He delivered eight consecutive record quarters at the company, totaling 285% growth, making Gallegos integral in positioning Cast Iron for its acquisition by IBM. Earlier, Gallegos was a Regional Vice President at Oracle, focusing on CRM applications and spent eight years at Siebel Systems, where he was a Regional Vice President and led some of the most successful sales teams in the history of the company.


19. Sharat Sharan, ON24

Sharat Sharan is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of ON24, one of the largest B2B SaaS martech companies. ON24 is the leader in digital experiences, helping marketers create interactive, data-rich webinars and content experiences that engage audiences and drive revenue. This year, under Sharan’s leadership, ON24 surpassed $100M in ARR, and more than half a million professionals interact on the platform daily. More importantly, Sharan and ON24 have supported more than 2,500 companies as they grapple with how to create engaging digital experiences at scale during the pandemic.

Sharan originally founded ON24 as a financial multimedia network in 1998. In 2014, he successfully pivoted the company to a SaaS-based platform, after leading the company through the dot com crisis and 2008 recession. Prior to starting ON24, Sharan co-founded and served as Vice President of Hearst New Media and Technology, developing the firm’s innovation agenda to transition its magazines, newspapers, and broadcast television to digital. Sharan has an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


20. Joe Payne, Code42

Joe Payne is the president and CEO of Code42 Software, a leading data security company that focuses on reducing the risk of data leakage from insider threats. Joe is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience and a proven track record leading high growth security and technology companies. With a passion for identifying and solving emerging market needs, Joe engages personally in product strategy and direction. At Code42, he is executing on his vision to secure the collaboration culture, guiding the company as it emerges as a leading player in a new security category – insider risk detection and response. Code42 has been on a fast track of growth and product innovation under Joe’s leadership, being named as a Black Unicorn, a cybersecurity company that has the potential to reach a $1 billion market value, and earning more than 25 industry awards and recognitions in 2019 and 2020.

Joe, a veteran of the security industry, previously served as CEO of eSecurity, the first SIEM software company, and president of iDefense, the threat intelligence leader. He also has held CEO positions at eGrail, InteliData and Eloqua. As CEO of Eloqua, a SaaS-based company that developed the marketing automation category, Joe led the team to $125 million in revenue, a successful IPO and a subsequent acquisition by Oracle. Joe received his Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business where he was a Fuqua scholar. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Duke University.


21. Ross Wainwright, Vision Critical

Ross Wainwright is the Chief Executive Officer of Vision Critical, a value-based continuous customer insights solution provider that enables organizations to drive better business outcomes while ensuring world-class customer journeys. By combining broad feedback with deep insights through its CXM and Insight Platform, Vision critical empowers the world’s most successful brands to improve customer experience.

As a seasoned software executive, Wainwright has over 30 years of experience with a proven record of identifying and fast-tracking ideas that will disrupt the market and transform customer results to produce the most successful business outcomes. In just eight months as Vision Critical’s new CEO, Wainwright has set the company on a course to become a leading player in the dynamic CXM software space. He has aligned the business around his vision and accelerated the company’s growth drastically. Embracing business and social challenges makes Wainwright a fierce leader - he’s known to put in the work and rally his team to bring big ideas to life.

Before joining Vision Critical in December 2019, Wainwright was CEO of the Americas region for global networking and services provider Dimension Data/NTT. Prior to joining Dimension Data, he spent over 15-years with SAP, where his most recent roles were Chief Customer Officer for the S/4HANA Cloud business unit and Global Head of Financial Services.


22. Kevin Weiss, Spireon

Kevin Weiss is the Chief Executive Officer of Spireon, the industry’s leading automotive telematics company. Founded in 2003, the Irvine California-based company provides businesses with powerful insights to track, manage, and protect their most valuable assets. Spireon’s award-winning NSpire open platform is renowned for delivering rich information from any connected vehicle or asset, converting data into actionable insight. During Weiss’s tenure, Spireon announced that it had reached a milestone of 4 million active subscribers. With over 25 years of experience, Weiss is noted as a smart, strategic thinker who is a champion of diversity and isn't afraid of failure. Prior to joining Spireon, he served as CEO of Unitrends, a global technology company that delivers end-to-end business recovery solutions. Before Unitrends, Weiss served as President and Chief Executive Officer of multiple private-equity owned technology-enabled companies including SkyMall, Author Solutions, and BindView. Previously, he served as the President of McAfee and held senior sales and marketing leadership roles at IBM.


23. Kiwi Camara, DISCO

Kiwi Camara is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DISCO, a provider of legal technology. Founded in 2013, the Austin, Texas-based company's vision is to create great technology to modernize the practice of law. Its solutions apply AI and cloud computing to help lawyers and legal teams improve outcomes for their clients. Today, corporate legal departments, law firms, and government agencies around the world use DISCO as their ediscovery solution for compliance, disputes, and investigation. Camara has been the company’s CEO since its inception, leveraging a decorated legal career in his role. Under his leadership, DISCO grew 774% between 2015 and 2018. But aside from his professional accolades, it's Camara’s passion for the law and technology as well as his deep love and respect for community that co-workers admire the most about the executive. “Kiwi brings a commitment to community service to DISCO,” a DISCO colleague shares. He’s created “a company where giving back to the community is an integral part of its DNA.” Not only is DISCO a pioneer in the legaltech field, but the philanthropic arm of the company has made a real difference. DISCO Cares has more than 60% employee participation and a year over year increase of more than 140% volunteer hours. Previously, Camara was a founding partner at law firm Camara and Sibley.


24. Mikita Mikado, PandaDoc

Mikita Mikado is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PandaDoc a provider of all-in-one software to create, deliver and e-sign quotes, proposals, contracts and other sales collateral. The idea began with Mikado in 2011, when one night, he spent six hours designing a business proposal. Frustrated, he turned to Sergey Barysiuk for a solution and together the two established PandaDoc. Today, the company empowers sellers to easily interact and build meaningful relationships with customers. Mikado is known to leverage his success to help those around him learn, grow and succeed. And it’s this tenacity that has helped transform PandaDoc into a global leader in document automation software. Most recently, Mikado spearheaded the Project Picasso Initiative, a 60-day free RevOps Training program created to counter the COVID-19 unemployment rate. For this initiative, he brought together a group of RevOps professionals and taught 33 students everything they needed to know to jump-start a career in Revenue operations. As an entrepreneur, executive and former engineer, Mikado lives, breathes, and advocates for running self-sustaining companies in technology. Before PandaDoc, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of Quote Roller, as well as the CEO of Coding Staff.


25. David Politis, Bettercloud

David Politis is the founder and CEO of BetterCloud, the first provider of SaaSOps solutions to manage and secure the digital workplace. With 300+ employees in Atlanta, New York City, and San Francisco, BetterCloud has raised $187 million to date from investors including Warburg Pincus, Bain Capital Ventures, Accel, Greycroft Partners, and Flybridge Capital Partners.

David's entire career has been dedicated to improving the modern workplace through innovative, next-generation cloud (SaaS) technology. Before founding BetterCloud, David was an executive at Cloud Sherpas (acquired by Accenture [NYSE: ACN]), a leader in cloud advisory and technology services. Prior to Cloud Sherpas, David was the founding employee and general manager of Vocalocity (acquired by Vonage [NYSE: VG]), which he grew into one of the top providers of cloud PBX technology. These companies have served thousands of businesses—of all sizes and across multiple industries—around the world.

David is a long-time contributor to TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, and Forbes, where he writes about topics like enterprise cloud technology, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship. He has been featured in The New York Times, the BBC, CIO, Fortune, and more. He is the author of two books, The IT Leader's Guide to SaaSOps (Volumes 1 and 2).


26. Jeffrey Tiong, PatSnap

Jeffrey Tiong is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PatSnap, a leading B2B innovation intelligence platform designed to help users identify technological opportunities that could affect the future growth and survival of their business. Founded in 2007, PatSnap has scaled into a global leader in AI-powered connected innovation intelligence. Its suite of IP, R&D and Life Sciences solutions have enabled companies to innovate faster than their competitors, protect and advance their IP positions, increase R&D efficiency, and anticipate opportunities across different industries.

The inspiration for PatSnap was sparked during Tiong’s university internship, where he worked for a medical device start-up. Tasked with conducting patent research on the company’s product, he witnessed first-hand how a data-driven IP strategy can create innovative products that impact lives. He started PatSnap with a simple vision: democratize and analyze patent and business intelligence data, in order to enable efficient research that fuels ground-breaking innovation. Since founding PatSnap, Tiong has led the company through a series of funding rounds and grown its client base to over 8,000 customers world-wide. Like many leaders, Tiong’s leadership skills have been tested in 2020. Despite global challenges, he rose to the occasion and led his teams in a company-wide shift to product-led growth, reinvigorating PatSnap's sales pipeline despite one of the world's worst recessions.


27. Aman Brar, Jobvite

Aman Brar is the Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member of Jobvite, the leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite. Launched in 2006, the company is leading the next wave of talent acquisition innovation with a candidate-centric recruiting model that helps companies engage candidates with meaningful experiences at the right time, in the right way, from first look to first day.

At Jobvite, Brar has applied his confidence and passion to innovate to his new role. Brar has an extensive background in leading technology companies through periods of high growth and has also held key strategic planning and finance roles at Fortune 500 companies. Currently, he sits on the Board of Trustees for Wabash College, is the Board Chair for Teach for America Indianapolis, and a Board Member of the Orr Fellowship and EmployIndy. As the former President of Apparatus, Brar led the company through a $34.2 million acquisition by Virtusa in 2015. Recognizing the need for a method to boost recruiting productivity, Brar and his teammates launched Canvas, the first enterprise-grade text-based interviewing platform that enables recruiters to screen more job candidates and market employment brands. He joined Jobvite in 2019 following Jobvite’s acquisition of Canvas.


28. Brett Caine, Airship

Brett Caine is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Airship, a pioneer in push notifications. The Portland Oregon-based company - founded in 2009 - now gives brands the user-level data, engagement channels, AI orchestration, and services they need to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, mobile wallet cards and more. Caine joined the company in 2014 and is responsible for leading Airship’s growth and global expansion strategy. He brings over 22 years of experience in the technology industry, with a proven track record of scaling SaaS businesses from start-ups to established companies. Notably, he’s been praised as a modern leader who embraces managing diverse workforces and focuses on results. As the former President of Citrix Online, Caine grew the company’s revenue from $40 million to $600 million during his 10-year tenure, which transformed it into one of the world’s largest SaaS providers. Prior to Citrix Online, Caine held executive positions with several leading software companies including Openwave Systems,, and Clarify, Inc.


29. Bob Youakim, Passport

Bob Youakim is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Passport, a transportation software company, delivering the operating system that enables cities to manage vehicle interactions with streets and sidewalks. Launched in 2010, the Charlotte-based company was initially formed as a mobile-based payment platform to allow municipalities to directly connect with their customers “to process mobile parking transactions and make parking operations smoother.” It's since grown to help serve government entities and universities and its products are used by nearly 1,000 clients in more than 5,000 locations worldwide, processing over $1 billion in mobility payments for parking and transit. Passport is backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, MK Capital, and Relevance Capital. Before Passport, Youakim was an Investment Banking Vice President at Wells Fargo Securities, Senior Auditor at Tribune Company, an Instructor at APICS, and Senior Consultant at Braun Consulting.


30. David F. Giannetto, WorkWave

David F. Giannetto is the Chief Executive Officer of WorkWave, a leading SaaS solutions provider for field service and last mile delivery. Founded in 1984, the New Jersey company empowers service-oriented enterprises to reach their full potential through scalable, cloud-based software that support every stage of their business life-cycle. Giannetto joined WorkWave in 2019 as Chief Operating Officer before being appointed CEO just nine months later. What sets the executive apart is his focus on creating a strong organization of empowered employees that understand customer and industry needs. With collaboration and teamwork, Giannetto’s goal is to solidify WorkWave’s position as an industry leader and become the trusted advisor for its users to grow and succeed in every area of their service business. It’s his extensive experience in the service industry that has allowed the industry thought leader to immerse himself into the WorkWave products, customers, and company culture. Previously, Giannetto was the Chief Operating Officer at Astea International, where he directly managed sales, marketing, and services. Before this he was at Salient Corporation, The Telos Group, and J.H Cohn. Notably, Giannetto spent two years as an Adjunct Professor in the Executive MBA program at Rutgers. He is the author of three books, a frequent keynote speaker, and has worked with several leading brands.


31. Frost Prioleau,

Frost Prioleau is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a leader in programmatic advertising built for the precision and scale of CTV, addressable, and mobile advertising. A four-time entrepreneur, is Prioleau’s second company in the digital advertising space. He founded in 2010 upon seeing an opportunity to potentially reshape digital advertising through programmatic ad buying. Today, works with the world’s largest buyers of localized advertising, including multi-location brands, agencies, local media groups, networks, and trading desks. With over 130,000 active daily campaigns run by more than 30,000 active advertisers,’s clients are able to deliver performance on high volumes of campaigns and provide deep insights into their dynamic audiences, bringing them one step closer to truly personalized, one-to-one marketing.

According to colleagues, “Frost exemplifies the true definition of servant-leadership and creates an open and collaborative work environment where people can achieve their full potential.” He brings to over 15 years of experience in online advertising with focus on corporate strategy, driving growth, and ensuring customer satisfaction and employee retention. Prior to, Prioleau was the CEO and Founder of Personifi, a contextual and behavioral targeting company. The firm was acquired by Collective Media in 2008. While at Collective, Prioleau served as General Manager of the Technology Solutions Group. Prioleau is a graduate of Princeton University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Management Systems.


32. RJ Pittman, Matterport

RJ Pittman is the Chief Executive Officer of Matterport, the fast-growing 3D image capture startup. Founded in 2011, the Sunnyvale, California-based company offers a platform for prosumers and professionals to easily capture, edit and share 3D models of physical spaces. Pittman was tapped to join the company in 2018. With over 25 years of experience at some of the world's biggest tech companies, Pittman has garnered a reputation for driving transformation and creating high-performance teams and invigorating organizations. Previously, Pittman led product, design, engineering, mobile, payments and brand development for five years at eBay before leaving the San Jose online marketplace business. Before that, he led the global e-commerce platform for Apple's online stores and led product innovation for Google's next-generation consumer search properties. He was also responsible for driving revenue growth initiatives for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac businesses via the web, mobile commerce, and contact center experiences. Before this, he co-founded web search company Groxis where Pittman was also the CEO. In 1996, he was the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Courier Technologies, an ecommerce company.


33. Matt Scheuing, Changepoint

Matt Scheuing is the Chief Executive Officer of Changepoint, a software company that provides solutions from planning to execution for better performance, innovation, and business. Founded in 1992, the Seattle-based company transforms project, engagement, and application portfolios with adaptable, intuitive, and intelligent solutions that are configurable for an agile business. Scheuing joined the company as Chief Executive Officer in 2016 to leverage his track record of successfully growing businesses. Though he’s much more than just another innovative thinker. At the heart of what makes Scheuing a great leader is his humanity. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing Changepoint’s growth strategy in the marketplace through both organic growth and acquisitions. With more than 25 years of multi-sector senior leadership expertise across the transportation, navigation, enterprise software, and telecommunications industries, his illustrious career spans Fortune 100 companies and venture-funded start-ups. Prior to joining Changepoint, Scheuing was Chief Executive Officer of Tideland Signal, where he led high-performance teams in the delivery of innovative aids to marine navigation products and services.


34. Roopesh Nair, Symphony Talent

Roopesh Nair is the Chief Executive Officer at Symphony Talent, a global leader in employer brand and candidate experience solutions. Founded in 2016, in just four years, the New York-based company has grown into an employer experience solution for some of the world's leading brands. Roopesh joined Symphony Talent in 2015 when he was appointed Chief Executive Officer. This role combined the power of five different entities, Hodes, Findly, Skillcheck, HRLogix, and QUESocial into a single global company, re-engineered into an individual integrated data and experience-driven platform. Under Nair’s leadership - in 2019 - Symphony Talent doubled its revenue. Following this, the company acquired Smashfly, an award-winning total recruitment marketing platform. In leading Symphony Talent’s almost 500 employees, Nair has been a transparent and compassionate executive guiding the company during COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement with grace. Previously, he was the Vice President of Global Lead and Consumer Engagement at SapientNitro, Vice President of Ecommerce at Accenture, and Director of Sapient.


35. Rick Carlson, SharpSpring (tie)

Rick is a Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of SharpSpring, a rapidly growing provider of marketing automation solutions. Founded in 2011, the Gainesville, Florida company is the SaaS platform of choice for more than 2,000 agencies and over 10,000 businesses in 56 countries. Carlson started SharpSpring with the goal of bringing marketing analytics and automation tools to small and medium businesses with an affordable and easy-to-use SaaS platform. Over the years, the company has steadily grown by an average of 21% earnings per share each year, bringing its total revenue growth in the previous year to about 30% growth. Armed with more than 12 years of executive management experience in the technology sector, he has held several executive positions at successful internet security companies, such as AVG. Today, Carlson is propelled by his goal to transform the digital marketing technology sector by offering an innovative, easy-to-use digital marketing solution to customers around the world. Previously, he founded CyberPatrol, which provided a novel approach to in-the-cloud content filtering for businesses, OEMs, and educational institutions. Prior to CyberPatrol, he was with Grisoft and EarthLink, and served as the CEO and President of Aluria Software.


35. Aytekin Tank, JotForm (tie)

Aytekin Tank is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JotForm, an online form building tool that helps users create and publish forms. Founded in 2006, JotForm was the first WYSIWYG form builder that enabled users with no technical expertise to build their own online surveys, applications, contact forms, order forms, and event registrations — all of which is stored and collected in the cloud. A developer by trade but a storyteller by heart, Tank is an entrepreneur eager to share his advice with other budding startups. Under his leadership, the company hosts 13 million online forms for 6 million users, employs more than 200 people and continues to grow by more than 50 percent every year as it transforms and introduces innovative features and integrations. Customers have continued to be the focus of the company, which takes its feedback seriously. In 2016, JotForm rebuilt its form builder to make it more user-friendly following criticism. Tank also seeks insights from employees. He takes this opportunity to gather opportunities for advancements across design, development, support, and marketing perspectives. The company also runs "hack weeks" that turn into tangible ideas that JotForm builds upon. Previously, Tank worked at


36. Michael DeSimone, ShopKeep

Michael DeSimone is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology solution that transforms iPads into a connected cash register. Launched in 2008, the New York-based company was developed and designed for small business owners, by small business owners to give independent retailers and restaurants access to sophisticated operations management technology. Today, it enables business owners to tap into powerful insights that can enhance their operations and improve their bottom line. ShopKeep is used by more than 23,000 small businesses. DeSimone is a global executive with more than 25 years of experience working within the financial services and technology industry. Since joining ShopKeep in 2015, he’s sustainably grown and scaled the business, which processed more than $6 billion in transactions in his first year as CEO. Previously, Michael was President and CEO of Borderfree, where he was responsible for the company’s overall strategic direction including the company’s transformation from an online currency conversion service to a provider of global ecommerce solutions. He led the company through their successful IPO in 2014 and its sale to Pitney Bowes in 2015. DeSimone currently serves on the Board of Directors at iguama and is a Board Advisor at Mamenta.


37. Ken Lynch, Reciprocity

Ken Lynch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Reciprocity, the industry-leading information security risk and compliance solution. Established in 2009, the San Francisco company utilizes its platform to streamline evidence collection, simplify audits, manage vendor risks, and control consolidation across multiple compliance standards. Lynch aligns the company's strategic vision with execution to organize and create trusted relationships. As an enterprise software startup veteran, what drives the executive is his passion and curiosity with how technology impacts the company's customers. He has propelled Reciprocity's success with this mission-based goal of engaging employees with the governance, risk, and compliance goals of their company in order to create more socially minded corporate citizens. Lynch also started the Reciprocity Volunteer Foundation and is currently an Angel Investor and Advisor at Flybrix. Before Reciprocity, he was a Micro-Currency Researcher at Sustainable Community Commons Bank, Project Manager of Software Development at Outlook Technologies, and a software consultant at Avolare Software.


38. Ryan Corey, Cybrary

Ryan Corey is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cybrary, a venture-backed, crowdsourced cybersecurity platform. Established in 2015, the College Park Maryland-based company offers an ever-growing, easily accessible catalog of online courses and experiential tools that provide IT and cybersecurity learning opportunities. As a natural leader, Corey has utilized his deep insights into the cybersecurity and IT sectors to create free courses, with information submitted by instructors, subject matter experts, and staff members. Learning modules include ‘Advanced Cyber Threat Intel’ and ‘Computer Forensics.’ Corey currently serves as a Board Member for Infosec Learning and The Incident Response Consortium. Before founding Cybrary, Corey spent over a decade at TrainACE, most recently as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. In 2006 he co-founded an online customer acquisition website in the home improvement industry called, which was acquired by Quinstreet in 2008. Before this, he served as the District Manager at Automatic Data Processing (ADP).


39. Alfonso de la Nuez, UserZoom

Alfonso de la Nuez is the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of UserZoom, the ​user experience insights company. Established in 2007, the San Jose company offers an enterprise-level all-in-one set of research tools for obtaining UX data across multiple user touchpoints. As Co-CEO, Alfonso is tasked with designing and driving the growth strategy for UserZoom. Armed with over 17 years of experience in digital marketing, ecommerce, web design, and user experience research sectors, the executive has a distinguished career. Notably, he has spent the last decade focused on the democratization of UX, highlighting how it’s necessary to empower teams throughout the organization to run their own research and surface UX insights, and how this collaboration between research, design, and product can lead to better, more user-centric products. He balances his current role with being a featured speaker at Product School, a global leader in product management training with a community of over one million product professionals. He previously co-founded and was the Chief Executive Officer of Xperience Consulting. Before this, he held roles at Proxicom, icon medialab, and Dell.


40. Greg Mercer, Jungle Scout

Greg Mercer is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jungle Scout, the leading software suite for Amazon sellers. Founded in 2015, the Austin Texas-based company gives entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to launch and grow their Amazon businesses. Mercer originally built Jungle Scout as a Chrome extension to automate his process of finding products to sell on Amazon. That idea has grown into a leading suite of SaaS solutions that employs over 125 people around the world. At the heart of what makes Mercer a great leader is his unshakable tenacity, but more than that it’s this very concept, which was built on the tenet of generosity. Jungle Scout exists as a means to share a wealth of knowledge with other Amazon sellers by giving them the tools they need to create a successful business on the ecommerce platform. Mercer has helped thousands of people build their own shopfronts on Amazon and pursue financial freedom. He continues to share his experience and advice, frequently speaking at conferences or on podcasts or videos about ecommerce and entrepreneurship.


41. Diaz Nesamoney, Jivox

Diaz Nesamoney is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jivox, a company delivering a technology platform for personalized digital marketing. Established in 2007, the San Mateo-based company enables the world’s top brands to deliver personalized dynamic creative and content across all marketing channels to power digital commerce. Under his leadership, Jivox has grown into a company that values workplace culture over anything else with an open-door policy, focus on teamwork, collaboration and especially integrity. He was previously co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica, a startup that he transformed into a publicly traded company in 1999. Before founding Jivox, he founded Celequest, where he raised over $20 million in venture capital, and served as its CEO until early 2007, when the company was acquired by Cognos/IBM. Celequest introduced the market's first BI appliance, a disruptive innovation that led to its acquisition. Diaz is a member of the Council of Global Advisors at the Yale University School of Management. He’s also a board member of the American India Foundation, a leading international development organization charged with the mission of accelerating social and economic change in India.


42. Brendan Noud, LearnUpon

Brendan Noud is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LearnUpon, a leading cloud-based learning management system. Launched in 2012, the Dublin, Ireland-based company is used by over 1,000 companies worldwide to deliver training to their employees, customers, partners and resellers. Today, the company has offices in Belgrade, Sydney and Philadelphia. Noud started LearnUpon with Des Anderson propelled by their shared belief that a learning platform should be quick to set-up, easy to use, and backed by exceptional 24/7 customer support. With over 15 years of eLearning experience, Noud is a guest speaker at eLearning conferences in the US and the UK and has written a number of published white papers and reports on the latest trends in the industry. Passionate about following the latest trends, Noud spends a lot of his time talking to customers to see what new features they would like to see in LearnUpon next. Previously, Brendan worked with WBT Systems and KPMG Consulting.


43. Natalia Panowicz, Codility

Natalia Panowicz is the Chief Executive Officer of Codility, a SaaS platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers engage, recruit, and train stronger engineers, faster. Founded in 2009 by Greg Jakacki and Tomasz Walen, the UK company helps hiring teams make better decisions about which technical candidates to source, screen, interview and then how to train them once they're on the team. Their clients include Citi, Paypal, Okta, Intel, Twitch, EA, Amazon, Rakuten, and Zalando. Panowicz joined Codility in 2012 as one of the earliest employees and has remained in key roles for the last seven years, including as a Business Developer and Chief Operating Officer. She is credited with helping build the business with founder Greg Jakacki. While serving as COO, Panowicz helped scale the company, without any institutional venture capital, to over 100 people with offices in San Francisco and Warsaw, Poland. Codility now serves more than 1,200 customers including category leaders in technology, automotive, financial services and retail, and is doubling its enterprise customer base year-over-year. Previously, Panowicz was a consultant at Durabilis and a project coordinator at Forum for Dialogue.


44. Eran Ben-Shushan, Bizzabo

Eran Ben-Shushan is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Bizzabo, an innovative operating system events platform. Established in 2011, the Israeli SaaS startup offers virtual, in-person, and hybrid events and is trusted by companies like HubSpot, Forbes, Uber, Electronic Arts, Siemens, and The Wall Street Journal. The idea for the company came about following Ben-Shushan’s attendance at several professional functions, only to realize how fragmented, inefficient, and impersonal the event industry was. Today, the data-powered technology company enables enterprise and mid-market organizations across technology, media, services, and financial sectors to unleash the power of professional events and experiences. Eran - who previously served in the Israeli Air Force - utilizes his military background and instills values like discipline and high growth to great success. Though he’s renowned for his personable nature and hands-on approach with employees, beginning right at the start with the interview process. Before founding Bizzabo, Eran was the Chief Executive Officer of Rosh-Pina Media Conference, one of Israel’s most prominent yearly events. Previously he was a Project Leader and System Engineer at Elbit Systems.


45. Billy Bosworth, Dremio

Billy Bosworth is the Chief Executive Officer of Dremio, the data lake engine company. Founded in 2015, the Mountain View California-based company was created by veterans of open source and big data technologies as a fundamentally new approach to data analytics that helps companies get more value from their data. Bosworth joined Dremio’s Board of Directors in 2019, and in 2020, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer. With decades of proven success guiding and growing category-defining data infrastructure and analytics companies, Bosworth's leadership and experience are tantamount to Dremio's future growth. Leading up to Tableau’s $15.7 billion acquisition by Salesforce, he served as a member of the Board of Directors of Tableau for the last four years. Before joining Dremio, he was the CEO of DataStax, a privately-held data management company based on open-source Apache CassandraTM, a position he held since 2011. Under his leadership, he took DataStax from $1 million to well over $100 million in revenue.


46. Mark Nagelvoort, PCMI

Mark Nagelvoort is the President and Chief Executive Officer of PCMI Corporation, a modular package of software solutions for the administration of F&I products, service contracts, and extended warranties. Since launching in 2012, the Park Ridge, Illinois-based company has emerged as a major provider of integrated software solutions thanks to the firm's cloud-based platform, Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions (PCRS). Under Nagelvoort’s leadership, PCMI has grown exponentially from its original 3 employees to a robust global team of over 130 across its US, Poland, and Thailand offices. Nagelvoort’s guiding principle during this ambitious expansion is based on a quote from Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker: “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want.” Nagelvoort is a widely recognized pioneer in the software administration systems sector. The seasoned executive has more than 30 years of experience in creating platforms that help the world’s TPAs, OEMs, and insurers automate administration processes effortlessly. Previously, he was the CSO, COO and President of Consumer Products at Flipswap. Before this, Nagelvoort was the President of NAT Division of Aftermarket Services at Dealertrack and the CEO, President and Founder of NAT Inc.


47. Eyal Feldman, Stampli

Eyal Feldman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stampli, an AI-based automation platform that streamlines the accounts payable process. Launched in 2014 by brothers Eyal and Ofer Feldman, the Mountain View California-based company is designed to get invoices paid up to five times fast with AP automation. Aimed at mid- to large-size companies, Stampli has helped firms manage more than $4 billion in invoices through its innovative interface. Prior to Stampli, Eyal was the Vice President of Business Solutions at Ness, a leading IT solutions provider. Among his accomplishments, Eyal gained a government-wide agreement for the now paperless administration, in addition to building the documentum business in Israel from its beginning to market leadership. According to his colleagues, Eyal is empathetic, decisive, and an empowering leader who "encourages every team member to not only speak their mind but challenge [the company]." Formerly, Eyal was a business analyst at Colgate-Palmolive, a worldwide consumer products enterprise focusing on the production, distribution and provision of household, health care, and personal care goods. While there, he executed the company's world-wide project to unite all subsidiaries under one SAP ERP.


48. Dave Carruthers, Voxpopme

Dave Carruthers is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Voxpopme, the world's leading video insight solution. Founded in 2013, the Birmingham, West Midlands-based company helps customers build their brands, products, and experiences by connecting with consumers through real-time video feedback. As CEO at Voxpopme, Carruthers has redefined the possibilities of video for market research and customer experience feedback. Voxpopme provides an end-to-end software solution for video research, enabling researchers to capture video feedback at speed, analyze it at scale, and share it with ease. Passionate about all things digital, Carruthers has been involved with developing high-growth technology businesses for over 15 years. As one of his colleagues at Voxpopme puts it, “He is a true change agent. Since entering into the insight industry in 2013, Dave has put new research opportunities and methodologies at executives' fingertips with SaaS technology.” Carruthers currently serves on the Board of Directors for Insights Association and is an Advisory Board Director of the MSMR Program at Michigan State University. Previously he was the Founder of StaySafe, an enterprise SaaS platform and app for protecting people who work, play or travel alone and One Result, a digital marketing agency. Before this he held various roles at b1og, thebestof, ASA Corporate Projects, and Cunninghams.


49. Wendy Rogers, eSUB Construction Software

Wendy Rogers is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of eSUB Construction Software, a provider of cloud-based project management, timecard management and corporate management for commercial subcontractors of all trades. Rogers launched the company to revolutionize the enormous construction subcontractor market underserved by the technology sector. She’s been the CEO since its inception, making her one of just six women that are Chief Executives of tech firms in the construction industry. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Wendy has garnered a slew of accolades for her innovative leadership style. As one of her colleagues shared, “The key objectives that Wendy established for her management team was to maintain a culture to create “eSUB Lifers.” This is established by creating a fun, casual work environment with plenty of room for professional advancement.” Between team building, creating a sense of urgency to make a positive change in the world, and focusing on inclusivity, unity, and giving back to the community, Rogers doesn't just care for her workforce, but also the impact they have on the rest of the world. Previously, she was a Chief Marketing Officer at CCMS, where she redesigned brand strategy, integrated service offerings and sales strategies, and developed the National Educational Seminar. Before that, Rogers was a news and entertainment producer at ABC, responsible for designing, writing and producing entertainment and news promotions, including campaigns, dailies and sweeps promotions.


50. Sumit Aneja, Voxco (tie)

Sumit Aneja is the Chief Executive Officer at Voxco, a multipoint technology solution for survey services. Established in 1976, Voxco is a global market leader in the multi-modal survey software sector. The company’s integrated platform offers multiple ways to collect survey data from virtually any mode, including web, offline, mobile, phone, and IVR. Aneja formed the search fund, Pivoton Capital in 2018 to target, invest in, and help grow a single business. Things came to fruition in 2019, when Aneja - a Yale SOM search fund entrepreneur - completed a transaction to recapitalize and provide growth equity capital to Voxco. When the deal closed, he immediately became the company's Chief Executive. He has extensive mergers and acquisitions as well as financing advisory deal experience in the middle market, most recently at Houlihan Lokey, a leading global investment bank. Prior to Houlihan Lokey, Aneja was at Bank of America Merrill Lynch advising Financial Institutions and Technology Media & Telecom clients. Before attending Yale School of Management, he spent four years at IMF and worked with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Systems Engineer.


50. Sunil Patro, SignEasy (tie)

Sunil Patro is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SignEasy, the simplest way to sign documents from a phone, tablet, or computer. Founded in 2010, the San Francisco company is trusted by more than 4 million users in over 150 countries, spanning industries that include real estate, legal, accounting, insurance, sales, and healthcare. It’s hard to believe that Patro bootstrapped his company since inception - without any outside funding - but it’s this enviable drive and intense focus that makes him a great leader. Despite his hard work, Patro credits the talented, passionate, and dedicated team with building SignEasy into the profitably growing SaaS company it is today. Before this, Patro was the Senior Product Manager at, where he conceptualized and launched ExpressWay, the company's 1-touch flight booking. Previously he led the iPhone app development team at Eyecon Technologies as the Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer at TokBox, and began at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer.