ThreatLocker CEO Danny Jenkins Sees New Age Cyberattackers as “Organized Gangs”

As global cyberattacks continue to grow more prevalent, companies like ThreatLocker are helping enterprises stay ahead of malicious activity. Danny Jenkins, ThreatLocker’s Chief Executive Officer, recognizes that the risk from bad actors is worse than ever. Rather than from lone bullies or hacking enthusiasts, today’s cyber-assaults are coming from “organized gangs” of criminals the CEO said at The Channel Company’s Best of Breed virtual conference.

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Many modern cyberattackers operate like legitimate businesses with sales and customer service departments, Jenkins also asserted. With nation-states involved in cyber threats, as well, cybersecurity experts are nervously anticipating malicious actions from Russia at any moment. Several known attacks have been perpetrated by hacking organizations that operate within the country’s borders, but their connections to the government are veiled, keeping future operations somewhat obfuscated.

ThreatLocker has been at the forefront of global cybersecurity efforts, using its technology to create better visibility and responses to threats. Managed service providers (MSPs) have been particularly vulnerable to attacks, and ThreatLocker is working with many to protect them from ransomware and other possible assaults. Jenkins urges MSPs to not take the threat lightly and to fortify their access control before it’s too late.