Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2024

The Software Report is pleased to announce the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2024. Officially coined in 1956, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a single technology but rather an umbrella term for any hardware or software that can perform cognitive functions we usually associate with the human mind. This includes but is not limited to speech recognition, computer vision, machine learning, natural language generation and artificial neural networks. The global AI market is set to reach a value of $1.35 trillion by 2030, and to contribute $15.3 trillion to the global economy that same year. The breadth of companies recognized this year spans early-stage startups making significant inroads in niche markets, to established giants pioneering AI research and application and showcasing a diverse range of expertise and groundbreaking achievements.

Among this year’s awardees is Clari, a company that is revolutionizing revenue management by improving revenue collaboration governance. They are transforming how businesses forecast and achieve revenue growth, making the entire revenue process more efficient and predictable. Aurigo builds software that helps build the world. They offer advanced cloud-based solutions to stakeholders in capital infrastructure projects and the private sector, helping them manage large-scale projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and utilities. Dstillery provides laser-focused targeting with custom audience solutions. They specialize in AI-driven ad targeting, enabling brands and agencies to target their most valuable prospects via effective programmatic advertising campaigns.

The selection process for the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies was highly competitive.  It involved the evaluation of software effectiveness, technological innovation, organizational capabilities, management team caliber and workplace culture, among other factors.

Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence companies of 2024.


1. Fractal Analytics

Fractal, a key AI provider for Fortune 500 companies, is dedicated to enhancing every enterprise decision with AI, engineering, and design. Its portfolio includes Crux Intelligence for AI-driven business insights, for sustainable AI solutions, for revenue growth management, for conversational AI, and Flyfish for generative AI in sales. Fractal has also incubated, a healthcare AI player detecting tuberculosis and lung cancer. 

Founded in 2001, it now has more than 4000 employees globally, and operates in 16 locations, including the US, UK, Ukraine, India, Singapore, and Australia, and maintains dual headquarters in Mumbai and New York City. They have raised a total of $685 million in funding over 5 rounds, the last of which was in January 2022. 

In 2023, Fractal launched Flyfish, the first generative AI sales platform for consultative customer experiences. In 2022, it announced, an interconnected AI solution for consumer goods, manufacturing, and retail. Fractal continues to lead AI innovation, shaping industries directly. 


2. Dynatrace

Dynatrace, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a global leader in ensuring flawless software performance. With a singular focus on making the world's software work perfectly, Dynatrace offers a unified platform that combines broad and deep observability, continuous runtime application security, and advanced AIOps. The company's mission is to empower innovators to modernize and automate cloud operations, deliver software securely and efficiently, and ensure impeccable digital experiences.

Boasting a comprehensive approach to observability, Dynatrace simplifies cloud complexity, enabling global organizations to innovate faster in the modern cloud landscape. They have over 3,600 enterprise customers, 4,200 employees, and a total addressable market exceeding $50 billion.

Recent milestones include the acquisition of Runecast to enhance cloud-native security and compliance, as well as the launch of a new Kubernetes experience for platform engineering teams. Additionally, Dynatrace has expanded its reach by launching its SaaS-based Enterprise Observability Platform on AWS in India.


3. Clari

Clari is recognized as a leader in revenue collaboration and governance, providing the only enterprise platform to run the most important business process: Revenue. It serves over 1,500 leading organizations, including Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra, helping them enhance win rates, prevent deal slippage, forecast accurately, and increase productivity for all employees involved in revenue activities.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with a substantial $520 million in venture capital funding, Clari has solidified its presence with an impressive user base of 220,000+ across 170 countries. The recent acquisition of Groove has strengthened its leadership in the revenue platform domain, responding effectively to customer demands for technology consolidation and accelerated revenue.

Clari has also introduced innovative tools like RevGPT, which provides revenue teams with prescriptive insights and strategies to maximize revenue potential. The launch of the Integration Hub emphasizes Clari's dedication to facilitating seamless revenue management processes for enterprises. With a committed team of approximately 800 employees, Clari is at the forefront of transforming Revenue Management worldwide.


4. Sprinklr

Sprinklr, a New York City-based enterprise software company, leads in transforming customer-facing functions. Their Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform, driven by advanced AI, ensures consistent human-centric experiences across modern channels. Operating globally with 25 offices in 16 countries, Sprinklr collaborates with over 1,400 enterprises, including major brands like Microsoft, P&G, and Samsung, representing over 50% of the Fortune 100.

Sprinklr's impact lies in breaking down silos within teams and enhancing customer satisfaction. Recently, they introduced Conversational AI+, streamlining bot creation for swift and more efficient self-service interactions. Noteworthy partnerships, such as collaboration with Cosentino for a unified social media and marketing strategy, and alliance with for AI-powered contact center solutions, cement Sprinklr's position as a leader shaping the future of customer experience management.


5. Simpplr

Simpplr, based in Redwood City, California, is a leader in revolutionizing the employee experience through a modern intranet platform with advanced AI-powered technology. Continuously learning and adapting, Simpplr aims to inspire and engage individuals while enabling leaders to make informed decisions. The company operates globally, with offices in India, Canada, and the UK.

Simpplr has a customer base exceeding 1000 and over 2 million active users. They deliver 2 billion experiences annually, with a 95% customer retention rate and a significant 282% ROI for clients.

In 2023, Simpplr made strategic moves, acquiring, an AI-powered virtual assistant, to enhance employee productivity. The introduction of a new employee recognition product further underscores Simpplr's commitment to fostering organizational culture and performance. Securing $70 million in new funding, Simpplr has strengthened its role in providing personalized employee experiences that lead to measurable business outcomes. This commitment to excellence drives both individuals and organizations toward substantial achievements.


6. Five9

Founded in 2001, Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software. With over 20 years of experience, Five9 focuses on transforming contact centers into customer engagement hubs. The company's suite includes digital engagement, analytics, workforce optimization, and AI-driven automation, enhancing agent productivity and delivering concrete business outcomes.

With a global workforce of more than 2,500 employees, Five9 serves over 2,500 enterprise, mid-market, and SMB customers across 104 countries. They have collaborated with over 1450 global SI, channel, and technology partners, highlighting their commitment to expanding industry influence. Recent partnerships, such as the extended collaboration with BT and the introduction of Agent Assist 2.0 with AI Summary, demonstrate Five9's dedication to advancing cloud adoption and improving global customer experiences. The strategic partnership with MCM Telecom and XTT Mexico further underlines Five9's focus on delivering integrated CX solutions in the LATAM region.


7. SymphonyAI

Founded in 2017, SymphonyAI is a major player in enterprise AI SaaS products, driving digital transformation across pivotal sectors like retail, consumer packaged goods, finance, manufacturing, media, and IT/enterprise service management. As part of the SAIGroup, it benefits from a $1 billion commitment from entrepreneur Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, rapidly expanding its team to over 3,000 professionals.

Recent milestones include a remarkable 30% growth in Retail CPG ARR, propelled by AI innovations expanding software to an additional 80,000 retail stores. In a strategic move, SymphonyAI joined forces with Microsoft to revolutionize the retail landscape with next-gen AI solutions. These developments underscore SymphonyAI's significant role in shaping the future of enterprise AI and its commitment to driving innovation across diverse industry verticals.


8. Aurigo Software

Aurigo specializes in developing software that plays a pivotal role in global construction efforts. Offering advanced, cloud-based solutions, Aurigo empowers owners in the capital infrastructure and private sectors to plan effectively and ensure quality in their builds. Managing over $300 billion in capital programs, Aurigo's software is the choice of more than 300 clients across key industries such as transportation, water and utilities, healthcare, higher education, and government, overseeing more than 40,000 projects throughout North America. Leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Aurigo enables executives to make informed decisions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of capital programs. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Aurigo is a privately owned corporation with a global presence, including offices in Canada and India.

The company recently marked significant milestones, partnering with Erie County to modernize its capital improvement program and expanding its reach with a new facility in Mysore in January 2024. Orange County has also recognized the value of collaboration, choosing Aurigo Software to streamline right of way and project management. Aurigo continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of infrastructure development worldwide.


9. AlphaSense

AlphaSense, a market intelligence and search platform, has been a pivotal player in empowering global enterprises and financial institutions since its establishment in 2011. With a workforce exceeding 1,000  spread across offices in the U.S., U.K., Finland, Germany, India, and Singapore, AlphaSense is a leader in leveraging AI-based technology to deliver unparalleled insights. The platform curates information from diverse sources such as equity research, company filings, event transcripts, expert calls, news, trade journals, and clients' proprietary research content.

In a recent milestone, AlphaSense introduced the AlphaSense Assistant, an innovative GenAI-powered chat experience, enhancing user interaction and accessibility. Furthermore, the company secured a strategic investment from Singapore-based global investor EDBI and achieved a remarkable $2.5 billion valuation with a successful $150 million Series E funding round led by BOND. Mark Leadercramer has been appointed to spearhead AlphaSense's expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, establishing the company's global footprint in the competitive market intelligence landscape.


10. ConcertAI

ConcertAI, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusets, is a leader in real-world evidence (RWE) and generative AI technology in healthcare and life sciences. With a mission to expedite insights and outcomes for patients, ConcertAI collaborates with biomedical innovators, healthcare providers, and medical societies, leveraging cutting-edge data, AI technologies, and scientific expertise. The company's impact resonates across 1,900 clinical sites and 45 biomedical innovators through its comprehensive solutions.

ConcertAI recently acquired CancerLinQ, establishing a significant healthcare learning and research network in oncology. The company has also formed agreements with a leading cancer center to advance precision oncology with AI-enabled imaging solutions. Additionally, its collaboration with Caris Life Sciences has led to the development of a Clinico-Genomic research platform. ConcertAI's commitment to innovation positions it as a key player in improving healthcare through the integration of AI and real-world evidence.


11. ExpertusONE

ExpertusONE is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and was founded in 1998. An award-winning global leader in learning management systems (LMS), it transforms corporate training and development delivery. It features a design that combines elegance and intuitive functionality, offering an easy-to-use learning experience. The platform is mobile-ready and supports a wide user base across various environments and devices. It caters not only to company employees but also to external customers and partners, delivering diverse training types including product, sales, compliance, and skills training.

ExpertusONE integrates LMS, learning experience platform (LXP), and skills into a single cloud-based system. It accommodates all training formats, from SCORM and xAPI to multimedia and virtual reality, through one platform interface. Its industry-specific solutions meet the compliance needs of sectors such as manufacturing, software/technology, healthcare, retail, and finance. The platform's extensible architecture integrates with applications like Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, enhancing collaborative and seamless learning experiences.

Using artificial intelligence, ExpertusONE offers personalized content and training recommendations, alongside comprehensive dashboard insights for managers to track performance, and manage LMS reporting and analytics. It is the preferred choice for businesses ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 1000 companies, looking for a scalable and innovative training and development solution.



Based in Orlando, Florida, with a total of $27 million in funding, is pioneering the use of AI in healthcare with the world's first advanced AI-powered smart care facility platform. With healthcare's leading always-aware ambient intelligent sensors, transforms physical environments into self-aware smart care spaces. This innovation enhances safety, efficiency, and the quality of care in both acute and post-acute settings. Simultaneously, it autonomously improves clinical and operational workflows and enables new virtual care models for smart care teams, including smart-from-the-start virtual nursing solutions.

Recently, expanded its capabilities through a partnership with Google Cloud, integrating advanced solutions for nurses that leverage generative AI and data analytics. Additionally, strategic alliances with Get Well and Samsung underscore's dedication to accelerating the integration of virtual care in smart hospitals. These collaborations equip smart care teams with high-fidelity virtual care experiences, showcasing's commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery through innovation.


13. Dstillery

Dstillery, a prominent AI ad targeting company headquartered in New York City, empowers brands and agencies to reach their most promising prospects through high-performing programmatic advertising campaigns. They have raised a total of $60.4 million in funding over seven rounds, the latest in 2019 from a series D round. With the support of award-winning data science, Dstillery has obtained 19 patents (and is still counting) for its AI technology, which drives precise and scalable audience creation.

Their latest innovation, ID-free Custom AI®, represents a privacy-focused targeting solution that performs on par with cookies but without relying on identifiers. Furthermore, their premier product, Custom AI Audiences, which is based on identifiers, tailors its targeting exclusively to the brand it serves. It continually assesses hundreds of millions of users to provide the best and most unique audience segments. Some of their most notable customers include T-Mobile, Hyundai, and Advil.


14. Findem

Findem is the only talent data platform that combines 3D data with AI. It automates and consolidates top-of-funnel activities across the entire talent ecosystem, bringing together sourcing, CRM and analytics into one place. Only Findem’s 3D data connects people and company data over time – making an individual’s entire career instantly accessible in a single click, removing the guesswork and unlocking insights about the market and competition no one else can. Powered by 3D data, Findem’s automated workflows across the talent lifecycle are the ultimate competitive advantage. By enabling talent teams to deliver continuous pipelines of top, diverse candidates while creating better talent experiences, Findem transforms the way companies plan, hire and manage talent.

Recently, Findem launched their Talent Data Cloud, which automates and consolidates top-of-funnel activities across the entire talent ecosystem, bringing together sourcing, CRM and analytics into one place. They also integrated GenAI capabilities throughout the Talent Data Cloud, enabling talent teams to get trusted AI-assisted answers to questions no one else can answer about candidates, talent pools and the market.

Furthermore, Findem launched an AI-powered Copilot for Sourcing that automates repetitive tasks across multiple talent channels, giving time back to recruiters to focus on higher-value activities that deliver more value to the business.


15. InformedIQ

San Francisco-based company Informed.IQ, is trusted by leading lenders for instant verifications of income, assets, residence, auto, and credit stipulations, enabling unbiased, real-time credit decisions. Their AI models, trained on various document types and consumer-permissioned data sources, automate stipulation clearance for lenders. They have raised $20 million in funding over three rounds.

In 2023, Informed.IQ processed almost 6 million consumer credit applications for US lenders, automating over $125 billion in loan originations with 99% accuracy in seconds, without human intervention. Their robust knowledge graph and data consortium, encompassing more than 60 million records and 1.5 billion lending data points, empowers a configurable, verticalized AI platform. This platform enables financial institutions to seamlessly scale their entire portfolio of documents and data.

In June 2023, Informed.IQ introduced AI-Powered verifications for financial institutions in the AWS marketplace. In November 2023, they were granted a new patent, significantly improving the quality of information extraction based on contextual analysis from multiple documents. December 2023 saw them launch an AI-powered copilot and human-in-the-loop services, streamlining lenders' operational processes. This innovative approach augments their top-tier AI capabilities in extractions, verification, and fraud detection with a human-in-the-loop copilot. This enhancement boosts the efficiency of loan officers, ensures the highest possible extraction rates, and empowers lenders to automate a greater portion of their applications.


16. Amelia

Amelia, an enterprise AI solutions provider based in New York, delivers concrete business outcomes through purpose-built applications. With a proven track record and deep business insight, Amelia specializes in Conversational AI for enhanced customer and employee engagement.

Trusted by thousands of companies, Amelia provides front-line service and measurable bottom-line results. Notable collaborations, like the 2023 partnership with UiPath, and a recent $175 million strategic investment from BuildGroup and Monroe Capital, emphasize Amelia's commitment to shaping the future of AI-driven solutions.

Amelia's context-aware, natural language conversational capabilities create personalized interactions, improving customer satisfaction. Businesses can optimize their workforce by training Amelia to handle manual tasks, freeing up human resources for more impactful activities.


17. Clarity AI

Founded in 2017 in New York City, Clarity AI is a leading sustainability technology platform, utilizing machine learning and big data to provide crucial environmental and social insights for investors, organizations, and consumers. They have raised $80 million over six funding rounds. Analyzing over 70,000 companies, 420,000 funds, and 400 governments, Clarity AI stands as a key tool for end-to-end sustainability analysis in investing, corporate research, benchmarking, e-commerce, and regulatory reporting.

The platform's impact is unrivaled, reaching more than 150 million consumers and integrating with partners such as BlackRock – Aladdin, Refinitiv, BNP Manaos, CACEIS, and SimCorp. With offices in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Clarity AI serves a client network managing trillions in assets, including major players like Invesco, Nordea, BlackRock, Santander, Wellington, and BNP Paribas.

Recent milestones, including a strategic partnership with Radient AI, the introduction of an SFDR-aligned sustainable investment index methodology, and collaboration with Aspiration to meet rising consumer demand, showcase Clarity AI's commitment to advancing sustainability across various sectors.


18. Lucidworks

Lucidworks empowers clients by turning search into a powerful asset for superior digital experiences. With a strong belief in the impact of effective search and browse functionalities, Lucidworks uses AI and machine learning to connect users with products, content, and information. Global brands like Crate & Barrel, Lenovo, Red Hat, and Cisco Systems trust Lucidworks' products to fuel their commerce, customer service, and workplace applications, enhancing customer satisfaction and employee capabilities.

With four global office locations, 304 employees, and 15 years in the industry, Lucidworks is synonymous with search excellence. They have raised a total funding amount of $209 million. Recent enhancements to the Fusion search platform and Lucidworks AI™ include integration capabilities for all generative AI and large language models. In collaboration with Google Cloud, Lucidworks provides a comprehensive solution for commerce, customer service, and the workplace. With 300,000 everyday users, Lucidworks continues to shape the future of digital engagement.


19. OpenSpace

OpenSpace, the global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics for construction projects, empowers builders of all scales globally. Funded in part by NASA, the California-based company boasts a user base exceeding 186,000 across 93 countries. OpenSpace offers a cutting-edge solution to capture comprehensive visual records of construction sites, enhancing verification processes, dispute resolution, and team accountability. Leveraging AI-powered computer vision and analytics, OpenSpace enables seamless comparison of building information modeling (BIM) to as-built structures, automated progress tracking, and adherence to project schedules. The platform streamlines workflows, promoting effective communication, optimized resource allocation, and prompt decision-making.

In recent advancements, OpenSpace introduced 360° reality capture and AI enhancements, facilitating faster coordination between field and virtual design and construction (VDC) teams. Additionally, collaborations with industry leaders like Revizto and enterprise agreements with companies like Performance Contracting, Inc. underscore OpenSpace's commitment to advancing reality capture technology in construction.


20. Resolve Tech Solutions

RTS is a global technology services company headquartered in Texas. RTS caters to both Fortune 500 enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses across diverse sectors, including telecom, retail, government, aerospace, defense, utilities, oil & gas, and real estate. For seven consecutive years, RTS has held the title of the largest services partner to SAP in North America. With over two decades of deep technical expertise in ERP consulting, the company manages an impressive SAP-related workloads, marking one of the most substantial footprints of SAP ERP in the public cloud.

Recognizing the complexities of cloud migration initiatives, RTS excels in providing best-in-class managed cloud delivery services. Leveraging its extensive SAP and public cloud experience, RTS ensures seamless transitions and transformations for any cloud project. They boast a track record of successfully handling more than 6000 managed cloud virtual machines, completing upward of 150 projects, and accumulating over 25 years of ERP consulting experience. RTS saves an impressive 10 million+ manual hours through business process improvement. Resolve Tech Solution's ability to take the complexities of ERP systems such as SAP and automate tedious tasks while providing intelligent reporting especially for those utilizing RISE with SAP, Along with the launch of JUNO Labs (, has made RTS a recognized leader in AI.


21. Conversica

Conversica, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, is reshaping revenue teams' dynamics with its AI-powered digital assistants, propelling growth through authentic, strategically crafted conversations. With over a decade of refining billions of interactions, Conversica's AI assistants, distinguished from typical chatbots, excel in influencing customers across the entire journey, maximizing revenue opportunities, and fostering brand loyalty.

Conversica has partnered with Salesforce for a groundbreaking conversational AI project and seamlessly integrated its generative AI conversational platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. A strategic collaboration with Quantum Sports + Entertainment further underscores Conversica's expanding reach. The recent introduction of an enterprise-ready GPT-powered chat solution demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering highly personalized experiences.

Notable achievements include a staggering 1.2 billion interactions, a $101 billion revenue opportunity generated, and an impressive 24x return on investment.


22. Aisera

Aisera is a leading provider of Generative AI Solutions that helps enterprises boost revenue, improve user productivity, lower operating expenses and create magical user experiences. Aisera’s products are AiseraGPT, AI Copilot, AI Search and AiseraLLMs which are built on the AI Experience (AIX) platform that serves as an enterprise Generative AI stack for organizations to buy or build solutions. Aisera solutions deliver human-like interactions while providing contextually rich conversations that boost workforce productivity. Aisera’s AIX platform with pre-trained domain-specific LLMs is customizable to customer data, such that enterprises can get better accuracy, lower hallucinations and increased resolution rates. Aisera offers these domain-specific LLMs across a wide range, including IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail.

Aisera compliments these offers with action bots that are built-in and customized AI workflows through a Visual studio to take actions and improve business process automation. Organizations can unlock human potential to save millions of operations costs, enhance productivity by 80%, and achieve 75% auto-resolution rates – all while reducing support costs by 80%. Aisera is an award-winning, top-tier VC-funded startup headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, recognized as a leader in multiple industry analyst reports.


23. Aktana

Aktana, a pioneer in intelligent customer engagement for the global life sciences industry, tailors customer experiences for over 350 brands. Their AI-powered contextual intelligence engine is the go-to tool for commercial and medical teams worldwide, optimizing personalized omnichannel engagement at scale. With a client roster boasting over half of the world's top pharmaceutical companies, Aktana has firmly established itself as the industry leader.

In a strategic move, Aktana recently acquired's Field Engagement and Conversational AI Technology, expanding its capabilities. Additionally, the company introduced Contextual Intelligence 360, a rapid deployment solution designed to bolster pharma brand product launches. This is particularly significant for life sciences companies navigating patent cliffs and smaller pipelines. Headquartered in San Francisco, Aktana maintains a global presence with offices strategically located in major biopharma regions. They have raised a total funding amount of $99.2 million over 8 rounds, the latest in January 2021.


24. OfferFit

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, OfferFit is a leader in automated experimentation platforms, transforming how enterprises approach testing and learning. Using reinforcement learning, a subtype of self-learning AI, OfferFit empowers marketers to extract optimal business value from their first-party data, specifically focusing on identified existing customers. The platform serves top brands in telecommunications, energy, retail, travel, and financial services, including clients such as MetLife, Foxtel Group, and Brinks Home, highlighting OfferFit's industry impact.

In a significant development, OfferFit recently secured a substantial $25 million Series B funding round, led by Menlo Ventures. With a dedicated team of 90 employees, OfferFit continues to redefine automated experimentation, setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in data-driven marketing strategies. 


25. Arize AI

Arize AI is a machine learning observability platform that helps machine learning (ML) teams deliver and maintain more successful AI in production. Arize’s automated model monitoring and observability platform allows ML teams to quickly detect issues when they emerge, troubleshoot why they happened, and improve overall model performance across both structured data and image and large language models. Arize is a remote-first company with headquarters in Berkeley, CA. They have raised a total funding amount of $61 million.

In recent developments, Arize AI introduced industry-first features, including prompt engineering and retrieval tracing workflows tailored for troubleshooting LLMs. The company also launched Phoenix, an open-source library dedicated to evaluating large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Bard. These tools target production deployments, strengthening validation and risk management for LLM integration into vital business systems. Arize AI is at the forefront of reshaping machine learning observability, asserting its leadership in the field.