Top 25 Cloud Computing Companies of 2024

The Software Report is pleased to announce the Top 25 Cloud Computing Companies of 2024. Not long ago, the cloud was a nebulous term to most people not directly involved with emerging technologies. Now it’s a household concept, with Gartner estimating worldwide public cloud ƒend-user spending at $600 billion in 2023. The pace of innovation and availability of new tools make it an intimidating space for business leaders, but also one that opens up new possibilities. In a Google survey, 41% of global tech and business leaders said they plan to increase their investment in cloud-based products and services. This year’s awardees provide expertise in all areas of cloud computing. From disruptive cloud-based security and compliance solutions, to managed cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), they provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide.

Among this year’s awardees is Samsara, with its advanced connected operations cloud platform, transforming entities that rely heavily on physical operations. It leverages IoT data, turning it into valuable insights for action. Mirantis, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure management solutions, speeds up code deployment processes on both public and private clouds with their DevOps as a service solution. Since its inception in 2017, Wasabi Technologies has been a game-changer in the cloud storage market with its Hot Cloud Storage solution. This pioneering technology offers a universal storage solution that stands out for being more affordable and faster than its rivals.

These cloud service providers excel not just through their innovative technology but also by providing strategic guidance to bolster revenue and cut costs, supporting customers with their unique use cases. To select the top performers in cloud computing, companies were evaluated on market impact and revenue growth, reliability and performance of the product, strategic vision and leadership, as well as consideration of their efforts towards sustainability, including energy-efficient data centers.

Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of the Top 25 Cloud Computing companies of 2024.


1. Visma

Founded in 1996, Visma helps businesses and societies run more efficiently by offering solutions that simplify and automate complex processes. With a team of 15,000 employees across 28 countries, they serve 1.7 million customers and generated $2.6 billion in annual revenue in 2023. Their focus lies on providing SaaS solutions for accounting, payroll, and eGovernment to small and medium businesses (SMBs), medium and large enterprises (MLEs), and the public sector across Europe.

In December 2023, Visma secured a $20.5 billion valuation, attracting $1.1 billion in investment from 20 new investors, including Altaroc, Jane Street, NPS, NYC Retirement System, as well as reinvestment from their majority owner, Hg, and other shareholders.

As Europe's largest private equity-owned software business and the number one provider of cloud accounting & payroll to European SMBs, Visma has achieved consistent growth fueled by over 370 strategic acquisitions in the past 20 years. Companies joining Visma gain operational autonomy while accessing top-tier resources in cybersecurity, HR, and marketing, enabling accelerated growth.

Today, Visma comprises over 170 software companies that actively share knowledge and best practices, forming one of the world's largest entrepreneurial networks of SaaS companies. Impressively, more than 70% of entrepreneurs remain with Visma even five years after acquisition, highlighting the strong culture and shared values that unite the group.


2. Qualys

Qualys is a pioneer and leading provider of disruptive cloud-based security, compliance and IT solutions. They have more than 10,000 subscribers worldwide, including a majority of the Forbes Global 100 and Fortune 100. Qualys helps organizations streamline and automate their security and compliance solutions onto a single platform. This provides greater agility, better business outcomes, and substantial cost savings.

The Qualys Cloud Platform, powered by a single, efficient agent, continuously delivers crucial security intelligence while automating the entire spectrum of vulnerability detection, compliance, and protection. It covers everything from on-premises systems to endpoints, servers, clouds (public and private), containers, and even mobile devices.

Founded in 1999, Qualys is one of the first SaaS security companies. They've built strategic partnerships and seamless integrations with top cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. They also collaborate with leading managed service providers and global consulting organizations.

Qualys recently unveiled TotalCloud 2.0 with TruRisk Insights. This powerful solution measures, communicates, and eliminates cyber risk in cloud and SaaS applications. It unifies your view of risk across multi-cloud environments, bringing together cloud infrastructure, SaaS apps, and even externally exposed assets.


3. Cloudflare

Headquartered in San Francisco with 4,000 employees, Cloudflare is the leading connectivity cloud company. Positioned as the cloud for the "everywhere world," Cloudflare addresses the challenges of hyperconnectivity, emphasizing security, performance, resilience, and privacy. As the world's first connectivity cloud, Cloudflare caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to large enterprises. Its unified platform encompasses networking, security, and developer tools, aiming to empower users in an increasingly interconnected environment.

Trusted by millions of organizations, Cloudflare offers a suite of cloud-native products and developer tools. These facilitate improved speed, enhanced security, and increased control, while potentially streamlining operations and reducing costs. Leveraging one of the world's largest and most interconnected networks, the company boasts of blocking billions of online threats daily, aiming to ensure the safety and efficiency of its clients' operations.


4. Samsara

Samsara, headquartered in San Francisco, California, leads the industry with its connected operations cloud platform, revolutionizing organizations dependent on physical operations by harnessing IoT data for actionable insights. With tens of thousands of clients spanning North America and Europe, Samsara serves as a vital technology partner for the global economy's backbone, including top-tier organizations in construction, transportation, warehousing, field services, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and the public sector. Their mission is to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in global operations.

With a workforce of 3,000 employees, Samsara has made significant strides in environmental sustainability, exemplified by DHL's partnership to reduce CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030. Additionally, Samsara's collaboration with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair and adoption by municipalities like the City of New Orleans and the City of Houston underscores its commitment to innovation and efficiency across diverse sectors.


5. Own Company

Own Company, founded in 2015 and headquartered in New Jersey, is the leading data platform trusted by thousands of organizations to protect and activate SaaS data to transform their businesses. Own Company empowers customers to ensure the availability, security, and compliance of mission-critical data while unlocking new ways to gain deeper insights. By partnering with some of the world’s largest SaaS ecosystems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the data security software company enables customers around the world to truly own the data that powers their business.

Own Discover is part of the Own data platform, giving customers quick and easy access to all of their backed-up data in a time-series format so they can analyze their historical SaaS data to identify trends and uncover hidden insights; train machine learning models faster, enabling AI-driven decisions and actions; and Integrate SaaS data to external systems while maintaining security and governance.


6. Zeta Global

Zeta Global is a leading data-driven, cloud-based marketing technology company that empowers enterprises to acquire, grow, and retain customers efficiently. Established in 2007 by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley (former CEO of Apple Computer and Pepsi-Cola). Zeta uses big data, advanced analytics and machine learning to power marketing programs for hundreds of Fortune 1000 and middle-market brands.

Zeta was named one of the 50 most promising private companies by Forbes. Their highly-rated technology platform competes with major players like Oracle, IBM, Salesforce and Adobe. With over 1,000 employees worldwide, the company is headquartered in New York City, with centers of excellence in Silicon Valley, Boston, London, and Hyderabad, India, as well as 12 additional offices around the globe.

Zeta Global recently introduced customer growth intelligence, a Snowflake native app in the data cloud. This innovation enables enterprise brands to maximize acquisition, growth, and retention efforts with precision by enriching snowflake data with Zeta’s proprietary identity graph. Businesses can now navigate modern marketing landscapes seamlessly, optimizing their strategies for maximum effectiveness.


7. Radancy

Radancy, headquartered in New York City, stands at the forefront of providing cloud-based talent acquisition solutions on a global scale. Their flagship offering, the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud, is designed to optimize the candidate journey by utilizing data and industry insights, thereby streamlining hiring processes. This innovation enables enterprises to attract premier talent, boosting ROI, recruiter efficiency, and candidate satisfaction.

A pivotal development in Radancy's growth was the acquisition of Brazen, a move that introduced award-winning hiring event solutions into their product lineup. This integration has transformed their Talent Acquisition Cloud into a comprehensive, AI-enhanced platform that facilitates the seamless management of various recruitment channels.

Operating worldwide, Radancy is committed to advancing the talent acquisition sector. This commitment is reflected in their collaboration with over 1000 clients, aiming to drive innovation and strengthen partnerships, solidifying their position as leaders in the talent acquisition field.


8. Upland

Upland Software is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, boasting a portfolio of over 25 proven software products that enhance business operations. These solutions are designed to increase revenue, reduce costs, and deliver immediate value across various domains, including digital marketing, knowledge management, contact center services, sales productivity, and content lifecycle automation. Serving more than 10,000 global customers, Upland's robust cloud-based products enable businesses to operate more efficiently and achieve their objectives effectively.

Recently, Upland Objectif Lune announced a renewed strategic partnership with OneXillium, aimed at delivering omnichannel technology to optimize transactional and promotional digital processes. Additionally, Upland RO Innovation launched the all-new Customer Reference Activity Hub, featuring powerful capabilities that streamline the process of finding and delivering customer references, thereby increasing brand awareness and driving new business growth. Upland Software Inc. continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide.


9. Azul

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Azul provides the Java platform for the modern cloud enterprise. Established in 2002, Azul is the only company 100% focused on Java. Millions of Java developers, hundreds of millions of devices and the world’s most highly regarded businesses trust Azul to power their applications with exceptional capabilities, performance, security, value and success. Azul customers include 27% of the Fortune 100, 50% of Forbes Top 10 World’s Most Valuable Brands, all 10 of the world’s top 10 financial trading companies, and leading brands like Avaya, Bazaarvoice, BMW, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Telekom, LG, Mastercard, Mizuho, Priceline, Salesforce, Software AG and Workday.

In 2023, Azul made waves by introducing the world's first commercially supported builds of OpenJDK with CRaC functionality. Additionally, they enhanced ReadyNow to address Java’s warmup issues, streamline operations, and optimize cloud expenditures. With 82% of businesses currently utilizing Java expressing concerns over Oracle’s recent changes to licensing and pricing policies, Azul emerges as a leading alternative, with 72% actively exploring their offerings.


10. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds originated in 2012 when founders Richard Castle and Adam Harris encountered challenges booking accommodations in Brazil. This experience inspired them to create a platform for properties worldwide, enabling them to excel in the hospitality industry.

Since then, Cloudbeds has experienced significant growth, securing multiple rounds of financing, acquiring various companies, and generating substantial revenue for thousands of properties across 157 countries. Headquartered in San Diego, California, and with global offices, the venture-backed company boasts a diverse workforce spanning 40 countries and speaking over 30 languages.

Cloudbeds' cloud-based hospitality management software streamlines front desk operations, revenue management, distribution, guest acquisition, and engagement. Its comprehensive solution, complemented by a marketplace of third-party integrations, revolutionizes hotel management globally, earning recognition for its excellence in the field.


11. JumpCloud

JumpCloud revolutionizes directory services by transitioning from traditional on-premises systems to a cloud-based platform. It offers comprehensive solutions for identity security, device management, and secure access to various IT resources across Windows, Mac, and Linux environments. Catering to both IT teams and managed service providers (MSPs), JumpCloud streamlines user identity and device management, facilitating the adoption of zero-trust security models for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With a diverse clientele exceeding 200,000 organizations, including prominent names like GoFundMe and Foursquare, JumpCloud has garnered recognition for its efficacy in enhancing workplace productivity and security. Boasting substantial investments from esteemed backers such as Sapphire Ventures and Atlassian, the company has raised over $400 million to support its mission.

With a global presence spanning approximately 160 countries, JumpCloud operates from five strategic locations: headquarters in Louisville, Colorado, alongside offices in Denver, Colorado, Hyderabad in India, Medellín in Colombia, and San José in Costa Rica. As it expands its reach, JumpCloud continues to empower organizations worldwide to optimize their IT infrastructure and security protocols.


12. Mirantis

Mirantis, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure management solutions, enables organizations to accelerate code deployment processes on both public and private clouds with their DevOps-as-a-service solutions. Leveraging automation and cloud-native expertise, Mirantis offers a ZeroOps solution for Kubernetes and cloud environment management, enhancing developer productivity and streamlining infrastructure management.

With a commitment to delivering a seamless cloud experience across diverse infrastructures, Mirantis facilitates app and DevOps portability, offering a unified interface and automated full-stack lifecycle management, all built on open-source technologies.

Catering to a prestigious clientele that includes Adobe, DocuSign, PayPal, and S&P Global, Mirantis is trusted by some of the world's foremost enterprises. Based in Campbell, California, the company boasts a global presence and a team of 600 dedicated professionals. Mirantis continues to enable organizations worldwide to harness the power of open cloud innovation for transformative business outcomes.


13. Kantata

Founded in Irvine, California in 2022, Kantata revolutionizes professional services automation, delivering unparalleled clarity, control, and confidence to people-powered businesses worldwide. With purpose-built cloud software, Kantata empowers over 2,500 professional services organizations across more than 100 countries to optimize resource planning and elevate operational performance.

By leveraging the Kantata Professional Services Cloud, professionals gain crucial insights and tools to enhance their business strategies. This innovative platform ensures the availability of the right personnel at the right time, enabling businesses to secure more projects and delight clients with exceptional delivery and outcomes.

With Kantata, businesses can streamline their operations, maximize efficiency, and focus on their most valuable asset: their people. Whether it's resource allocation, project management, or client satisfaction, Kantata's comprehensive solution is driving success and growth for professional services firms globally.


14. Sigma Computing

Established in 2014 and based in San Francisco, California, Sigma is a leading cloud analytics and business intelligence tool that provides live access to cloud data warehouses. With a team of 400 employees, Sigma empowers business teams to transcend traditional dashboard constraints. Its award-winning software leverages cloud data warehouses' performance capabilities, enabling seamless integration of data sources and real-time analysis of vast datasets without coding.

Sigma's intuitive interface facilitates effortless data exploration, empowering users to make informed decisions quickly. By offering unmatched flexibility and accessibility, Sigma revolutionizes organizations' approach to data analysis, driving innovation and productivity across sectors.

They have raised a total of $381.3 million in funding over six rounds. Their latest funding was raised in December 2021 from a Series C round. They recently partnered with Alation, a data intelligence supplier, which suggests that they are enhancing their service offerings and making it easier for users to gain insights from their data.


15. Wasabi Technologies

Wasabi Technologies has revolutionized the cloud storage industry since 2017 with its innovative Hot Cloud Storage solution. Offering a disruptive alternative, Wasabi provides a one-size-fits-all storage technology that is not only significantly cheaper but also faster than competitors, all without egress fees, API call charges, or hidden fees. Positioned as a game-changer, Wasabi's cutting-edge cloud technology enables users to affordably store vast amounts of data, presenting a bottomless cloud solution that scales seamlessly with business growth.

As storage experts, Wasabi addresses the critical challenges of data storage, namely affordability, reliability, and security, with their universal storage product. By leveraging the latest storage technologies and optimizing data storage and retrieval processes, Wasabi ensures high performance, durability, and simplicity in its offerings. Moreover, with scalability at its core, Wasabi can handle even the largest storage loads efficiently.

Recently, Wasabi Technologies expanded its capabilities by acquiring the Curio AI content indexing engine, signaling a move towards AI-powered storage solutions tailored for the media and entertainment industry. With a clear focus on storage excellence, Wasabi remains committed to being the premier cloud storage provider, distinguishing itself from competitors with its singular dedication to storage innovation and customer satisfaction.


16. eGroup

eGroup Enabling Technologies, with over 30 years of industry experience, is a leading provider of cloud and data center solutions nationwide. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, the company specializes in tailored services that enhance productivity and competitiveness for its clients. With a comprehensive portfolio and a dedicated team of experts, eGroup Enabling Technologies empowers businesses to navigate modern IT infrastructure challenges, driving growth and success. By aligning client needs with exceptional services and support, the company consistently delivers outstanding results, helping businesses thrive in today's dynamic marketplace.

As a recognized leader in data center, cloud, hybrid cloud, and managed services, eGroup Enabling Technologies maintains strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Nutanix, and Cisco. This ensures access to cutting-edge technologies and solutions.


17. Cloudian

Cloudian is a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in file and object storage solutions. Founded in 2011, Cloudian has established itself as a leading provider of S3-compatible object storage systems, collaborating with partners such as VMware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo to deliver scalable storage solutions globally.

Cloudian's flagship platform, HyperStore, offers an integrated environment for managing massive data sets efficiently. By bringing the flexibility and simplicity of public cloud storage to on-premises data centers, Cloudian reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 70% compared to traditional storage systems. With full compatibility with the S3 standard, Cloudian ensures investment protection for developers and data center managers, facilitating interoperability with a plethora of S3-enabled applications.

Cloudian's products are highly scalable, accommodating diverse applications and organizational requirements. Moreover, Cloudian boasts significant cost savings, with up to 95% less management overhead and enhanced productivity, backed by robust data durability of up to 14 nines. Cloudian serves industries including backup/archiving, media, bioinformatics, and IoT. With a dedicated workforce of 200 employees, Cloudian continues to innovate in enterprise storage solutions.


18. Zadara

Since 2011, Zadara has been revolutionizing the technology landscape with its Edge Cloud Platform, simplifying operational complexity by automating end-to-end provisioning of compute, storage, and network resources. Backed by a team of cloud experts and a 100% service level agreement (SLA) guarantee, Zadara Edge Cloud ensures seamless support for users, regardless of where their applications reside – whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a preferred colocation. Zadara's business solutions empower companies to achieve agility without compromising on enterprise-grade features and functionality.

With headquarters in Irvine, California, and multiple global locations, including England, Japan, Israel, India, and Brazil, Zadara operates more than 500 globally distributed edge clouds supported by a world-class team of IT experts, providing follow-the-sun services and support. Since its inception, Zadara has pioneered storage-as-a-service technology solutions, offering award-winning infrastructure technology adaptable to any workload and data type, whether on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, or at the edge. With a rapidly expanding global partner network and a commitment to achieving 1000 cloud locations, Zadara continues to lead the way in flexible and resilient infrastructure solutions for service providers and enterprises alike.


19. Spectro Cloud

Spectro Cloud, founded by experts in multi-cloud management, aims to eliminate infrastructure boundaries for enterprises, spanning from data centers to the edge. Their mission revolves around offering solutions that empower enterprises to deploy applications on Kubernetes, tailored to their preferences and deployed anywhere. Recently, Spectro Cloud unveiled Palette EdgeAI, a solution facilitating the realization of AI-enhanced applications at the edge. Moreover, they secured an investment from Qualcomm Ventures to fuel innovation in edge and AI technologies at scale. Additionally, Spectro Cloud introduced the Secure Edge-Native Architecture (SENA), facilitating the secure deployment and management of edge computing environments at scale.

Spectro Cloud stands out by enabling organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes in production, effortlessly and at scale. Their Palette enterprise Kubernetes management platform grants platform engineering and DevOps teams seamless control over the entire Kubernetes lifecycle, spanning multiple clouds, data centers, bare metal, and edge environments. Co-founded in 2019 by CEO Tenry Fu, Vice President of Engineering Gautam Joshi, and Chief Technology Officer Saad Malik, Spectro Cloud boasts backing from prominent investors, including Stripes, Sierra Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, and others.


20. ContinuumCloud

ContinuumCloud, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, specializes in providing cloud-based software solutions tailored to the behavioral health and human services industry. With over 450 clients nationwide and more than 175,000 active members, ContinuumCloud's offerings include an Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform powered by Welligent, a Human Capital Management (HCM) system powered by DATIS e3, and a patient engagement platform powered by CaredFor.

Their mission is to empower organizations to deliver high-quality care while expanding and enhancing the care continuum. ContinuumCloud strives to support historically underserved industries with unparalleled expertise and tailored technology. Recently, they announced a partnership with Eleos Health, integrating ContinuumCloud's Welligent EHR with Eleos Health's specialized behavioral health AI platform. This collaboration aims to provide efficient and seamless documentation solutions for providers, further enhancing ContinuumCloud's commitment to advancing the capabilities of the behavioral health and human services industry.


21. CloudBolt

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Maryland, CloudBolt helps enterprises manage their hybrid cloud and optimize their automation strategy. CloudBolt understands the importance of proficiency not only in public clouds but also in private ones (data centers, sovereign, etc.) to enable companies to treat their cloud as a unified fabric, which helps them optimize costs without compromising innovation. The Augmented FinOps solution uses advanced automation, orchestration, and AI/ML to help customers efficiently transition to optimized cloud usage.

CloudBolt helps companies automate easily, optimize continuously, and govern at scale in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. By consolidating capabilities for DevOps, ITOps, FinOps, and SecOps, CloudBolt unifies disparate infrastructures. CloudBolt has won numerous awards and has repeatedly been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies on the Deloitte Fast 500 and the Inc. 5000 lists. They have raised a total of $61.6 million in funding over five rounds.


22. Matilda Cloud

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Matilda Cloud specializes in automating the discovery and migration of on-premise and cloud-based applications, which streamlines the process for businesses looking to transition to the cloud. By automatically identifying dependencies and facilitating migration to the preferred cloud environment, Matilda Cloud enables companies to reduce IT operating costs, expedite application delivery, and propel digital transformation initiatives forward.

Their comprehensive platform offers a range of benefits, including rapid application migration, ongoing cloud cost management, and automated release management. With Matilda Discover, businesses gain crucial insights into their existing application landscape, facilitating successful migrations. Matilda Migrates further automates the migration process, offering flexibility with migration models and modernizing applications by generating the necessary infrastructure as code.

Through efficient deployment to cloud environments and meticulous expense control across cloud partners, Matilda Cloud ensures a seamless transition while mitigating risks associated with software and security vulnerabilities. Overall, Matilda Cloud empowers organizations to harness the full potential of cloud technology for enhanced agility and competitiveness in the modern market landscape.


23. CloudShare

CloudShare, the business acceleration cloud company, simplifies sales and customer success with its user-friendly solution. Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, it facilitates software companies in delivering intricate demos, PoCs, and training sessions, replicating real-world scenarios swiftly to meet market demands.

By automating environment setup at scale, CloudShare empowers organizations to concentrate on growth acceleration. Offering visibility and control over usage, it furnishes robust resources for enhanced efficiency throughout the process, yielding superior outcomes in less time. Their solution is compatible with any infrastructure and seamlessly integrates with core sales and learning management system (LMS) tools. CloudShare is the preferred choice for over 500 enterprise customers across 100 countries, including industry giants like Palo Alto Networks, Atlassian, and HP.

Initially developed to address technical business challenges, CloudShare now boasts thousands of weekly users shaping the future of virtual, hands-on experiences. With expansion plans underway and a dedicated team of 60 individuals worldwide, CloudShare remains committed to simplifying customer experiences and facilitating professional growth.


24. RackWare

RackWare is a leading provider of a highly automated hybrid cloud management platform catering to enterprise IT users. Its comprehensive suite of services includes disaster recovery, backup, hybrid cloud management, and cloud migration and replication. RackWare enables seamless integration and scalability across physical and virtual environments, allowing computing resources (physical, virtual, and cloud-based) to be effortlessly scaled as needed.

With proven cost savings of 40 to 50% and streamlined resource allocation by 20:1, RackWare serves Fortune 500 companies and large public agencies worldwide. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, RackWare operates with dedicated support and development teams in Salt Lake City and Pune, India. They have raised a total of $21 million over 5 rounds, the last of which was in December 2019. Committed to excellence and innovation, RackWare continues to redefine hybrid cloud management, ensuring its customers achieve optimal performance and availability in the cloud ecosystem.


25. Appranix

Appranix specializes in providing resilience to distributed cloud applications with unwavering assurance. Recognizing the demands of hyperscale clouds, their platform boasts support for the largest network of multi-cloud regions, zones, and services. Central to their offering is the Patented Dual-vault Cloud Time Machine, which leverages two secure immutable vaults across different hyperscale clouds. This innovative approach ensures application recoveries by maintaining a cloud configuration vault separate from the production cloud, alongside an application-data vault positioned closer to the application for expedited recoveries.

Appranix, founded by a team of cloud and container industry veterans, brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of cloud resilience. Prior to Appranix, the team successfully established and sold FogPanel, a multi-cloud management platform. Their collective experience spans launching data management platform-as-a-service for major service providers such as SunGard, Verizon, and IBM Resiliency Cloud Services, as well as managing IoT-connected products for a leading IoT market player.