Top Cybersecurity Company A-LIGN Focuses On Innovation To Deliver The Most Advanced Privacy and Security Solutions

Global cybersecurity and privacy solutions provider, A-LIGN is a dedicated source for companies navigating compliance. Founded by CEO Scott Price in 2009, the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary and a decade of excellence. Today, the firm boasts 2,400 clients as well as 338 team members across offices in Florida, Colorado and Bulgaria.

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In an ever-evolving industry, what sets A-LIGN apart is its comprehensive approach to privacy and security, as well as its innovative and experienced team. Over the last decade its single-provider approach, flexible and tailored methods, and its 24-hour response time have been tempered by years of experience within the company. Though, with the rapid pace at which technology is evolving, A-LIGN is forced to consider the future and what it can do to tackle new cyber threats.

"You must be proactive in cybersecurity," a spokesperson told The Software Report. "it's not a matter of if, but when [threats emerge]." It should come as no surprise then that A-LIGN has implemented a new plan to stay ahead. This year, the company established a new dedicated team that won't just monitor potential threats and changes in technology but will also share this information with clients to ensure their safety. Sharing knowledge and mitigating risks is, after all, A-LIGN's bottom line.

The gravity of the work isn't lost on employees. Still, A-LIGN promises to support them along the way. Helmed by a unique and dedicated group of innovators, the company recruits pioneers, leaders and trailblazers who they value "as much as our results." It's a bold promise that A-LIGN is committed to keeping. By gathering feedback, listening, and striving to build a harmonious and collaborative culture, the company embraces its employees' differences while providing them with the resources to succeed.

"At A-LIGN, we also recognize and respect the desire for balance in employees' lives professionally and personally," a spokesperson adds. "We offer one-on-one mentoring programs between tenured employees and new hires, helping to build collaborative relationships and encouraging professional growth." The company also offers flexible paid time off, paid holidays, options to work from home and an annual destination training retreat. Price has even personally sat down with over 300 employees in an initiative called Coffee With The CEO. This one-on-one time is invaluable, empowering workers while giving them a chance to voice their ideas and concerns to the company's leader.

As A-LIGN gears up to enter its next decade, the company's goals for the future are ambitious, though their record for success sets them in good stead. Using its three most valuable resources - "our people, our process and our technology" A-LIGN hopes to refocus its momentum and elevate its position "as a top-tier cybersecurity and privacy solutions provider in 2020 and beyond.”