Top Cybersecurity Company CTM360 Provides Complete Protection Platform

In 2021, CTM360 was named a Top 25 Cybersecurity Company by The Software Report.  The company is a fully managed Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform that detects and manages vulnerabilities and threats across the surface, deep, and dark web.  We had a chance to catch up with CTM360 to learn more about the company, their products and some of their key people.

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Can you tell us about a recent milestone that the company is most proud of?

As a leading Digital Risk Protection platform, CTM360 is continuously evolving. In 2021, the company launched two brand new modules in External Attack Surface Management and Threat Intelligence / Environment Hardening, called HackerView and ThreatCover respectively. With these extended capabilities, CTM360 has further cemented its position as the only consolidated Digital Risk Protection Platform offering technology and managed services at a fixed fee. CTM360 works outside the perimeter of an organization, with no installations, no end-user configurations and operates completely noise-free.

What makes your company's cybersecurity software/products stand out against similar offerings?

CTM360 remains the only company providing a fully consolidated Digital Risk Protection platform at a fixed fee.

The CTM360 platform is pre-configured and comprehensively maps the digital presence / external attack surface of an organization. It delivers instant day 1 value to the customer.

The CTM360 environment is specific to the end-user with no false positives. This is due to a concentrated effort towards deriving use cases from large-scale data and mapping results very accurately.

Overall, CTM360 stands out by offering one bundled platform that includes External Attack Surface Management, Security Ratings, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection & Anti-Phishing, Third Party Risk Monitoring, Social Media Fraud Monitoring, Data Leakage Protection, Unlimited Takedowns, and much more offered on a fixed fee, transparent basis.  Not only is there considerable breadth, CTM360 also goes deep, executing each module in great detail.

Who are some of the key people in the organization that have really helped drive growth? 
The CEO, Mr Mirza is the brains behind making the company highly value-driven. Overall, Baig has executed 3 successful platforms under his leadership: (i) CTM360, the Digital Risk Protection platform (ii) DMARC360, an email authentication provider; (iii) PENTEST360, enabling penetration testing all the time, not point in time.

The director, Arsalan Iqbal, remains a key driver towards operational excellence and overall growth of the company.

Collectively, CTM360 operates based on the strength of its technology, business, research and operational teams, each with key individuals operating on extreme ownership.

And lastly, CTM360’s global ambassadors have helped to fast-track the company’s overall growth

How would you describe the culture of the company?

CTM360’s five key principles include extreme ownership, obsession with the customer, embracing a builder’s mentality, rapid learning and achieving tangible outcomes. These support the speed of innovation and agility shown by the company.

What are some initiatives the company has implemented with regards to social equity, environmental considerations, or other initiatives.

CTM360 is committed to enabling a better world. Via multiple initiatives, CTM360 has continually given back to the community, such as free of cost services for different sectors, especially across education, healthcare. The company firmly believes in practical CSR initiatives and practicality translates into tangible outcomes.

Overall, CTM360 does remain an equal opportunity employer, placing particular focus on nurturing future leaders and outstanding talent organically. This endeavor remains in place irrespective of nationality, gender, cultural backgrounds, etc.