Top Cybersecurity Company Secure Code Warrior Teaches Developers To Write Secure Code At Speed

In 2021, Secure Code Warrior was named a Top 25 Cybersecurity Company by The Software Report. Meanwhile, CEO Pieter Danhieux was named a Top 25 Cybersecurity CEO, and SVP of Customer Success Fatemah Beydoun was named a Top 25 Woman Leaders in Cybersecurity. Secure Code Warrior secures software through developer-driven security at the start of the software development lifecycle. Its flagship Learning Platform delivers relevant skills-based pathways for developers to write secure code at speed, while intelligent and contextual developer tools fix common security bugs in real-time. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with Secure Code Warrior to learn more about the company, their products, and some of their key people.

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Can you tell us about a recent milestone the company is most proud of?

Secure Code Warrior was recently inducted into the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Hall of Innovation. This award recognizes emerging private companies who have had a significant business impact and delivered innovative technology solutions to JPMorgan Chase. We were one of three companies recognized at JPMorgan Chase’s 2021 Technology Innovation Symposium.

This recognition was an honor, and we are delighted to support them in maintaining their industry-leading high standards of quality and security in the software they produce.

We are also incredibly proud to have been included in the AWS Global Startup Program, in addition to being listed on the AWS Marketplace. This partnership is advantageous for both AWS and Secure Code Warrior’s customers, fulfilling the need for security to be intrinsic to a developer’s workflow, and central to a company’s culture. It helps meet the growing market demand and increasing requirements to stop software vulnerabilities from day one, and really harnesses the power of developer enablement in a security program.

What makes your company's cybersecurity software/products stand out against similar offerings?

Security training for developers is not new, but as we can see from the constant stream of security breaches (and 2021 breaking the record for most in a calendar year), it has not been effective in helping to curb common exploitable vulnerabilities in code. Our mission has always been to correct the course of security education for developers, and reshape how the industry positions them in the fight against threat actors.

Our flagship Learning Platform leads the way in providing hyper-relevant, skills-based pathways, hands-on missions, and contextual tools for developers to rapidly learn, build, and apply their skills to write secure code at speed. These tools have been crafted by developers, for developers, with an innate understanding of how they work day-to-day, the challenges they face in sharing responsibility for security, and seeks to correct these with methods that are more engaging, fun, and less disruptive than traditional training methods.

We also have an unmatched depth and breadth of content, covering over fifty-six languages and frameworks, so we can remain highly adaptable across development teams and organizations.

Who are some of the key people in the organization that have really helped drive growth?  

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by true leaders and experts in the cybersecurity industry. Everyone from our founding team to our Technical Advisory Board and function leaders have helped shape our rapid growth from startup to high-growth venture. It’s impossible to call out a handful of individuals; we have deliberately put together a staff cohort that contributes a team effort to exceed our goals and take our “unfair share” of industry growth.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

Our culture is precious to us and makes us who we are; we are focused and driven, while never forgetting to have fun while we do it. We have a “come as you are” attitude to all individuals, embracing diversity with enthusiasm and respect for the strength it brings to a team. You can’t expect to change the world with a room full of people who have all had the same background and life experiences.

What are some initiatives the company has implemented with regards to social equity, environmental considerations, or other causes?

Our internal Warriors Give Back program is an initiative wherein all staff receive two days to contribute to charitable causes. We have supported an enormous number of charities worldwide; our co-founder and SVP of Customer Success and Operations Fatemah Beydoun even cut off her hair last year after raising over $39,000 for the Leukemia Foundation in Australia.

We also work hard to operate sustainably, and with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, maintaining awareness and education through our People & Culture team.