U.S. Army Unveils New Strategy to Accelerate Digital Transformation, Create Data-Centric Force

There’s no denying that technology is a primary component of nearly every aspect of modern life, including warfare. To that end, the United States Army is launching a new strategy focusing on data, software, and artificial intelligence practices it hopes will help it transform into a tech-driven force. Officials hope to accelerate the adoption of modern software practices, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help officers make quick, data-centric decisions in the field.

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The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has taken certain steps, such as implementing a Software Modernization Strategy, in an effort to bring its computer infrastructure up to date. The new plan is meant to support digital modernization and prepare the Army for potential conflicts with China and Russia — the two most serious national security threats currently.

Software development has changed drastically since the DOD last performed a major upgrade, requiring developers, testers, and cyber experts to work together throughout the process. The Army is focused on agile development and data-centricity, according to Jennifer Swanson, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Data, Engineering & Software. Data-centricity involves making information available to the professionals who need it rather than locking it into systems with access restrictions. Ultimately, the military understands that it needs to stay as vigilant in the digital world as it is on the battlefield.