VMware and Oracle Find Expansion in the Clouds

In a dynamic tech landscape where cloud adoption is paramount, two industry giants, VMware and Oracle, are taking strides to simplify and expedite the transition to cloud environments. This latest collaboration, building on their long-standing partnership, marks a significant advancement in helping enterprises leverage the power of the cloud.

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In 2019, VMware and Oracle joined forces to assist customers in their journey to the cloud. Fast forward to today, and this partnership has evolved to offer an even more seamless experience. The key development is the integration of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution into VMware Cloud Universal, a flexible purchasing and consumption program. This move simplifies procurement and accelerates the uptake of VMware Cloud services.

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, now accessible through VMware Cloud Universal, caters to businesses with diverse cloud migration needs. Whether it's extended migration timelines, variable cloud migration requirements, or cloud bursting scenarios, this solution offers the scalability, performance, security, and administrative control that enterprises demand.

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the granular administrative control it affords users. Enterprises can directly manage both the cloud infrastructure and VMware consoles, providing them with full control over their VMware stack. This level of control is essential for businesses seeking a seamless hybrid cloud architecture.

Moreover, the solution emphasizes enterprise-level performance and cost predictability. With industry-leading low data egress prices and consistent pricing across a vast global footprint of 45 Oracle Cloud regions, businesses can rely on transparent and manageable expenses. This predictability is crucial in budgeting and planning for cloud operations. 

Security is paramount in any cloud environment, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution doesn't disappoint. It integrates seamlessly with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), offering zero-trust security measures. This is particularly crucial in an era where cybersecurity threats are a constant concern for businesses of all sizes.

The success stories from early adopters of this solution, including Cybereason, Atos, and Telefonica, are a testament to its effectiveness. These companies have used the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to accelerate their cloud journey and modernize their applications. It's clear that this partnership is not just a theoretical collaboration but a practical and impactful solution for real-world businesses.

Doug Smith, Oracle's senior vice president for global strategic partnerships, underlines the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing that it provides customers with more seamless procurement options. VMware Cloud Universal, in conjunction with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, enables enterprises to design and run OCI apps, databases, and workloads with unparalleled flexibility.

Zia Yusuf, VMware's senior vice president for strategic ecosystem and industry solutions, underscores how this collaboration accelerates innovation by offering the best cloud environments for any application. The partnership between VMware and Oracle is fundamentally about empowering clients to become cloud-savvy by simplifying the procurement and deployment of cloud solutions.

By streamlining the path to the cloud, VMware and Oracle are helping businesses boost agility, resiliency, and economic efficiency, ultimately paving the way for a more innovative future.